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Each and every day I get email from people just like you who are thinking about retiring to Mexico so they can start saving money, living better, and increasing their standard of living.

With that in mind, I am sharing a few of those emails with you. They have been edited for brevity and privacy, but they all capture the spirit and essence of invididuals who wrote them.  As you read them, you’ll see these are people just like you and me. Folks from all walks of life are thinking about retiring to Mexico.

Here’s the first email from Larry who is considering Costa Rica and Mexico as retirement possibilities:

Hi, Barbie! Thanks for keeping in touch. I am in Costa Rica right now checking out what is available. There are some nice small houses close to Jaco Beach for $75,000.00. The food here is more expensive than I thought it would be. Dinner at a local restaurant will cost at least $10.00 with a beer.  That’s why I am checking out Mexico next. Thanks for all the great tips! Sincerely, Larry

Here’s an email from Joy. She’s been living in Mexico for almost 3 years now:

Retiring in Mexico

Hi, Barbie. We have been living here in the Yucatan for the past 2 1/2 years and loving every minute, we do not ever want to leave, except for a cruise which we do every 3-6 months.   Happy Holidays! Joy R.

Here’s one from Suzanne:

Hello, Barbie.  My family and I have been in Mexico recently and have just returned to the USA.  It was fun and full of life and culture unique as the people. My husband even rubbed raw onion on his thinner parts of his hair to make it grow in accordance with certain customs and practices! The beaches are great! So, I will retire there. Thanks for your important site.  Talk to you soon… Happy Holidays.  Suzanne M. L.

Here’s an email from Terri who is considering Mazatlan:

HI, Barbie.  This year my husband I will be spending three months in Los Ayala, Mexico and are planning to spend one week of that time in Mazatlan.  Love to read your newsletters and information.  Thanks for doing this for all of us snowbirds.  Terri D.

And here’s one from Charlie:

Hi, Barbie. Need some advise. My wife and I are moving to Mexico for 6 months to give it a try. We both have traveled there many times and enjoy it very much, however my wife’s passion is her jewelry, she loves to wear it. Diamonds, gold, you name it. She can’t be without it. Is this a deal breaker? Today she informed me she is not moving anywhere she can’t wear her jewelry. I would be very concerned about her safety. Do you have any ideas?  Thanks, Charlie W.

My Reply:   I for one don’t think a big diamond ring is worth loosing a finger for! Yes, I have them – – but sure don’t wear them indiscriminately. I have a few blog posts about saftey and traveling, and no matter where you travel (in the US or abroad) you have to be careful.

Here is a great email from Doreen in Canada:

Hi, Barbie. I really appreciate receiving your emails.  About a year and a half ago we purchased a house on the El Cid Golf Course (I’ve deleted the address – Barbie).  Although we have not officially retired yet, we do get there at least twice a year with the intention of retiring there within the next 3 years.  One question you may be able to help us with–we generally rent a car when we are there and are now considering buying a used car there.  We do not have an FM3 yet but wondering if we can still purchase a car (it would be left there) and what is the process regarding registration and insurance and if there is anything else we should know.  Doreen

Retire In Mexico

A quiet bay at Zihuatanejo, Mexico

My Reply: Hi Doreen,   Thanks! I know the process for bringing a car into Mexico with the express desire of taking it back to the U.S., but to purchase a used one – I’d go to the auto dealer in Maz and see what info they can give you.  I know it’s usually more expensive to buy a car in Mexico – perhaps not always a used one – but, that sort of depends on what kind of a “bargainer” you are (remember, you will not have much to stand on if you happen to purchase a “lemon”).   An FM3 allows you to have a car in Mexico as long as the FM3 is in good stead. But, to buy a vehicle in Mexico, and just keep it there – that’s probably just going to take a lot of permits – start with the auto dealer.  See where that takes you – then, start shopping around. I also suggest and  But, from what I’ve gathered, talking with people, it’s a wiser choice to buy in the states, (even a used car) take it into Mexico with the proper papers, keep them updated, and then when you are done with the car, take it back across the border and do with it as you wish.  Yes, keep it insured as long as it’s in Mexico, with Mexican insurance.  Best wishes, Barbie

And finally, here is one from Debbie who discovered Lake Chapala and the Ajijic area:

Mazatlan's historic district

Mazatlan's historic district

Dear, Barbie. I retired from teaching in June of 2007.  My husband and I traveled to Mexico (just as a drive-thru on our way to South America).  However, we stayed for about a month in the Chapala and Ajijic area.   Then that turned into 6 months; and finally, I found myself teaching English in a bilingual school and we wound up staying for 2 years.    We loved it. Because of the economy and some business we had to take care of in the States….we had to return for a couple of years.  Our plan is to return to Mexico to live when we get rid of our house here in the states.   We will probably head down toward the Manzanillo Beach area this next time.   Have a great time!  Debbie C.

So you see, more and more

people are thinking about Mexico

as a place for retiring to

and enjoying a great life.

What about you? Let me know what you think! If you don’t see the comment field below, click on Read Full Article and share your thoughts. If you have a question, just let me know. I’m always here to help.



Retiring to Mexico article by Barbie.

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2 Responses to Retiring To Mexico? Join the Crowd!

  1. Doug Stephen

    December 10, 2009 at 7:53 pm

    Hello Barbie:

    I have listened and watched your articles on Mazatlan and I totaly agree living in mexico is possible on less.

    I was totally impressed on your food video and I can say even when in Mexico for a short time, buying from the incredible market downtown or from the mega store – you can eat like a king/Queen for much less.

    We were also suprised that there was on payroll at the Mega – a full time english speaking person to help out were ever needed.

    I have been to Puerto Vallarta many times and must say that the beach down there holds no candle to Mazatlan beaches in regard to the being able to swim anywhere on the malecon, not to mention the numerous Huts to get a cervesa and Seafood at a good price close to the waters edge.

    I recommend a good pair of walking shoe’s to attempt the longest malecon in latin America

    We were on a old town tour and found a place that makes great cookies and before we left we took the bus to old town and found this place again .

    It was interesting that we arrived at a time that there were no tours expected and we had an a great time talking once they finally Knew we where there – Corner of a street with a big white door.

    Thanks Barbie for being there,


  2. Barbie


    February 10, 2010 at 7:13 pm

    Dear Doug – My pleasure :) I don’t think I can add any more – thanks for writing. Barbie

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