Mazatlan – Not Just For Retired Folks!


Mazatlan is not just for retired folks!

For your vacation desires, as far as including Mazatlan in your list of true tourist destinations, Mazatlan can handily lay claim to that title.  But, unlike Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, and Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan is also a true living city first and foremost, with fishing and agriculture playing an important part in the economics.

For those wonderful times you and your family have once a year or so, to get away from the pressures of work, you can select from more than 90 hotels and condominium properties. And, not surprising to me, many of them are four and five star resorts. Mazatlan, as I’ve said in my books, Retire In Luxury and Money Saving Mexico, is a real Mexican town, with the added bonus of being a great tourist destination.

Many resorts offer golf, and sometimes they are in partnership with other resorts, so you can enjoy different beautiful courses.  If the “greens” aren’t the way to your heart, take advantage of the beautiful weather and beaches and just relax. Perhaps you want to do some deep sea fishing and pull your own “big one” out of the ocean and even have it cooked for you. Or, lay back and indulge yourself at some of the local restaurants specializing in their wonderful fresh seafood.

Music and festivities are just waiting for you, almost every night, around the beautiful green “square” in the middle of the historic district of Mazatlan, as well as at most of the resorts in the Mazatlan area. My favorite is a stroll on the Malecon – where it’s family oriented.

Some of the newer resorts such as Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay are worth going to visit, just to enjoy the ambiance and beauty. And to tour around Mazatlan, you can not beat the fun of riding in a polmonia – sort of a super golf cart. They are available almost anyplace – and yes, you can ask for a better price.

You’ll find everything from quiet beaches, to interesting shops, exciting touristy fun, such as a canopy adventure – where, on raised platforms, you’ll take a nature walk – up-high! You can take a harbor cruise, take a tour on a mountain bike, snorkel, kayak, ride horses, visit and walk the beaches of Stone Island, take a tequila tour, ride a catamaran, surf at the Olas Altas beach, visit the aquarium, take a jungle tour.

Then, be adventurous – see and experience the real Mexico by visiting the Pino Suarez Mercado, tour the historic district with the Angela Peralta Theater, and relax under the canopy of trees at Plazuela Machado, travel the malecon – sort of an updated boardwalk along the coast that connects the old city to the new and enjoy all the statues dedicated to everything from the polmonias to their favorite beer. See the world’s second-tallest lighthouse, find the scoop about just why Ice box Hill is called so, visit the beautiful historic cathedral, take a side trip to the little communities of Rosario, Copala, Chametla, El Huajote. Travel to the foothills of the impressive Sierra Madre Mountains.

And after a busy day of all this, go back to your beautiful resort, relax and enjoy a deliciously cold margarita, and see if you are fortunate enough to catch the “green blip” the instant the sun disappears into the ocean.

Yes, Mazatlan is a great place to call home, but it’s a wonderful place for tourists, too!

Mazatlan Article by Barbie.

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3 Responses to Mazatlan – Not Just For Retired Folks!

  1. [email protected] Walking Tours Rome

    September 15, 2011 at 12:00 pm

    My grandparents have been looking for somewhere to go on their big 60th wedding anniversary trip, I don’t think they’ve ever been to Mazatlan so I think I’ll suggest it to them! Great recommendation. :)

  2. Jeff

    October 25, 2011 at 6:29 am

    We had a great time in mazatlan twice. We want to go again. Jeff

  3. Barbie


    November 9, 2011 at 6:15 pm

    Enjoy :)

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