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I don’t think it matters a twit whether Moms and Dads are living in the United States, Mexico, Italy, Shanghai, or at the North Pole…whether you’re retired or not. Once a parent, always a parent; age just doesn’t even enter the picture!

For example, our “Baby” is now over 40 years old.  But, he will be my “Baby” forever.  Same goes for the other two sons – though they are really getting mature, they will all always be my “Babies”.  And I will worry about them and try to help them until the day I die.

I’m sure most of you are parents too (planned or not)! So, did you ever try to get a dinner arranged for the family – not a holiday – just a get together for everyone?

Then you know what I’ve been going through the past several days. It seems simple enough – Dick and I planned on Easter at home with the family coming in, other than middle son in L.A. He didn’t get off enough time to make the trip…but, he could come now, just a few weeks later.  Still seems simple enough, doesn’t it?  With two sons living near, we’d have a get together whenever Steve could make it. Couple of weeks after Easter.

Still pretty simple – now, we get down to time of the day. Oh boy – then the problems start. Now, Steve will be on an approximately 10 hour trip – two segments – because he wants to stop in Algodones and get some more dental work done – more on that later on.

So, Steve goes first to Algodones, and stays overnight and then has only about 4 more hours to come home. We both figure he should show up on our door step by 6 p.m. Then, because he chose it, instead of Mom cooking, we’ll all go out to eat – with the family. Perfect planning, cause at Easter that’s what we pretty much talked about and decided upon. Perfect.

So, an email to eldest. Actually 3 emails to him – hoping he will read at least one of them. Then, two email to youngest and to his partner. Surely one of them will read my email…sort of reminders and confirmations that dinner is planned for the family.  Job done… Almost.

I probably better send them phone messages too. And I’ll notify them via Skype. I’m feeling pretty confident – that just a few weeks after Easter, at 6 p.m., or shortly thereafter, we will all go out to eat together.

Then the fun begins…

“Mom, was that 6 or 7?” “Well, just when does Steve think he’ll make it?” “Mom, was that 7 or 8?” “Is Richard coming?”… and so forth. Now, I just had a phone call from Steve – time of arrival is 6 – in just a couple of hours, he’ll be here. Two phone calls later, and I think everyone knows his arrival time and that dinner plans are still firm.

Hopefully they remember where they are going …and don’t end up at a theater somewhere Oh well – I’ll let you all know. Until then, give a thanks to the powers that be that you have those wonderful kids, take a deep breath, relax, and just enjoy this beautiful summer weather!

Addendum:  Wow!  It all worked out perfectly!  We had a great time!
Birm conditions in Mexico, and special horses :)


EMAIL from Readers:

“Hi Barbie.  I read your book; you saved so many people a lot of headaches; thank you so much; I admire you.  You seem like a great person. I would be interested.  I was thinking of beach front property in Rosarito; is that near you or where you mentioned?  Yes. I would like that person to email me; maybe he knows about properties for sale.  I was thinking of maybe going there spur of the moment this weekend.  I think it would be fun to at least check things out. I was thinking more for a vacation investment for now.  Thanks again. My email at work is xxxx (deleted by Barbie) which is where I can be reached during the day.  Thanks again.  I will let you know what happens. Nice speaking to you!!”


“My cousin lives in San Miguel de Allende and she believes it is the most expensive place in Mexico. Although it is lovely and would be a desirable place in which to live, we need to find a location where we can get the most bang for our buck. Many other locations are quite “Gringified” (like it?) such as Lake Chapala, Ajijic, P.V., etc. so we had been considering places, for example, like Oaxaca which seems quite far but perhaps more affordable. Until we downloaded your info about Mazatlan which Hope seems to be excited about, I now realize she likes the idea of being by the ocean and Mazatlan seems to be quite lovely.”

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4 Responses to Communication, a Video & an Email

  1. Dixie McCormick

    May 6, 2012 at 6:10 pm

    Hi Barbie…..

    I enjoyed your letter about trying to get the family all together…..

    I have 5 children, 11 grand children and two great grands. I hesitate to move so far away from them as I always have this darn “what if” hanging over my head. I spent 6 glorious months in Rosarito Beach 8 years ago and got an e-mail that my youngest grand child 3, at the time had cancer. I left within days driving from Rosarito to Vancouver WA. That little girl is now 11 thank God!

    I was a Peace Corps volunteer and lived in Paraguay. Again over 6400 miles away. My sis had a major stroke (47) and I left after 18 months to care for her.

    All these “what if’s” are hard on me, but perhaps I should not dwell on them and just think positivly.
    I crave a warmer climate. I love Mexico. I thought today……heck I rarely see the kids anymore. I’m 72 and they are 43-52….perhaps they can fend for themselves……I want to enjoy these late years. I love the sun and the Mexican people. I applaud you for living where you desire. I however am alone…and while I chose to be alone at this late stage of my life I still think these major moves are easier with a partner.
    So happy your easter meal turned out fine. Maybe we parents worry too much and take it all on our shoulders…..
    Keep up the good work Barbie.

    Hearts to you…..


    May 6, 2012 at 7:06 pm


  3. Barbie


    May 11, 2012 at 3:13 pm

    Hi Dixie – I think you wrapped up your desires in the next to the last paragraph! Best to you, Barbie

  4. Barbie


    May 12, 2012 at 9:49 pm

    Hi Jimmy, I just published a new article – do read it – you’ll find some info on just that. Best to you, Barbie
    And, Make sure you read all my articles – you can never have too much info – You’ll find Chapala stuck here and there in lots of articles – along with lots of info you’re going to need!

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