Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco)

Rocky Point –

 – Arizona’s nearest coast. 

My main goal for you is to become familiar with Mexico and feel comfortable when you visit… 

After all, as I have said, it is a foreign country – different than the States in so many ways.rocky point

One of the most popular Mexico tourist destinations for those living in the States is Puerto Penasco,

usually called Rocky Point, the closest beach that Arizona has! It’s only a 60 mile drive, once you cross the border into Mexico.

The first thing that may seem a bit scary is the border crossing itself,

when you head to Rocky Point…

…Don’t let it be intimidating. 

The type of scenery you’re going to encounter driving from the States to Puerto Penasco is very similar to parts of Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. The mountains are beautiful and the cactus and flora is so diverse. It’s always a great drive. Of course, do be careful. Be aware of your surroundings, study your maps. Don’t be foolish and go exploring on deserted side roads all by yourself. 

There’s usually not a lot of traffic – that’s true on a lot of Mexico’s roads. So, make sure you keep your gas tank full, and your car in good running condition. (Wouldn’t hurt to keep a cooler with drinks and snacks in the car with you too. Sometimes in Mexico, it’s a long distance between places.) 

Rocky Point shrimpman

Rocky Point

Rocky Point is a fun place to visit and spend some vacation time. The seafood there is just wonderful! The area can really be a bit “touristy”, but still… it’s worth visiting if you have the time. We have friends who LOVE Rocky Point and who have their own condos and time-shares there. 

So different strokes for different folks! 

Rocky Point article by Barbie.

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