Rocky Point, Seaside Mexico

Arizona’s Seaside Resort

Rocky Point, Mexico

Some states are fortunate enough to have their own coastline – their own sandy beaches.  Would you be shocked if I told you that Arizona has a seaside spot?… deserty/hot/sandy Arizona?… well, sort of.   Actually, just a couple of hours south of Phoenix, the capital of the Arizona, lays the beautiful land called Porta Penesco (Rocky Point).  Well, okay, it’s not really in Arizona –  in fact, it isn’t even in the United States… it’s located south of our border in Mexico. Once upon a time, when the two countries were fighting, we had a chance to have that seaport – but, we bowed to Mexico and so, Arizona was left high and dry, figuratively and literally – with no coast.

Historic explanation:  In 1846, the U.S./Mexican War ended and a joint commission was set up to establish the new border between the two countries.  No decisions were accomplished until 1853, when James Gadsden, a railroad promoter from South Carolina was authorized by the U.S. Congress to offer five different options to the Mexican government.  Each option including enough territory for a southern railroad route to the Pacific Ocean for the U.S and a seaport for the U.S. on the Sea of Cortez.

Beautifully furnished resorts
Beautifully furnished resorts and condos

President Santa Ana, not wanting to give up control of the territory that connects the mainland of Mexico to the Baja peninsula, stood his ground and in 1854, the U.S. Congress agreed to pay $10 million for the territories that now make up the southern portions of New Mexico and Arizona, minus access to the Sea of Cortez.  In my opinion, that Congress made a real serious boo-boo, but, what’s new on that side….  So, anyway, that’s the story of why Arizona was left high and dry – came THAT close to having fabulous access to a beautiful port on the Sea of Cortez and easy access to the Pacific Ocean – right out of Arizona!  Oh well… so much for history.

Dick preparing clams we dug ourselves in Rocky Point

Have you been to Rocky Point?? 

Porta Penesco (translated to rocky point/port) has been developed by the Mexican government as a tourist haven.  Just as Algodones is protected by the government for the dental industry there, the government is striving to keep Rocky Point safe from the “drug against drug” wars in Mexico.  After all, the tourist dollar is mucho high on Mexico’s income scale – very important!

I love the way they make animals of the towels. I'm taking pictures - Dick is in the background.

Dick and I have been to Rocky Point a few times.  In fact, we intend to head there in just a couple of weeks for a little break. Of course, we prefer to be there when it’s not Spring Break time – but, if you are young and looking for an exciting place to go to where you can really kick back – enjoy the most delicious sea food you’ve ever had, and just enjoy yourself, then Rocky Point is the place to go.

And then, our scenario, Dick and I will go down, drive around, enjoy the beautiful sights, walk the downtown area and look at all the touristy stuff – maybe even pick up a little trinket. AND, oh yes, we will still eat and enjoy the most delicious seafood of course,  and just have a fun, relaxing time.

We have several friends in the Phoenix area who visit Rocky Point often.  Some have timeshares, some have second homes there, and others just go down and stay at one of the many resort hotels there.All of our friends always take big coolers and fill them up with luscious fresh shrimp and clams and scallops – straight out of the sea – to bring back home. I really wanted to share some pictures of the Rocky Point we have  visited and will be visiting.

Oh, I should add, there are resort bargains if you look for them – so, get searching for those, and do consider heading south to a different seashore than you have experienced before – one that in just a couple of years will be welcoming Cruise Ships!  The dock is under construction already!  You will definitely enjoy the welcoming hospitality and friendliness of our neighbors to the south – in Rocky Point, Mexico.

One night we had scallops - just look at the size!

How can you not smile when you enter a bathroom like this??

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Maybe we’ll see you down there!! We can have a margarita and watch for that darn elusive green blip… that’s what Dick and I plan to do anyway :)

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