Retire Mexico

Hi, my name is Barbara Parks. All of my good friends call me “Barbie”.

Since 2001 my husband, Dick, and I have been writing about Mexico; specifically how to retire in Mexico to make your dollars go further.

When we were about to retire, we looked at all kinds of places to retire — inside and outside of the United States. There were so many choices!

During our quest to find the “best” place to retire, we took into consideration health care costs (including pre-existing conditions), standard of living, safety, affordability, and convenience. After exploring numerous retirement destinations we saw that Mexico was high on the list of destinations for retirees. Indeed, more and more retirees seem to be flocking to Mexico.

How does Mexico rate as a retirement destination?

The more we looked for that ideal place to retire, it became obvious that Mexico has everything retirees want and need:

  • Affordable, yet high-quality health care.
  • Lower cost of living — all thing considered (taxes, insurance, groceries, etc.)
  • Excellent, uninflated real estate prices (if you know where to look)
  • Easy transition for the average English-speaking person.

With that list in mind, we looked all over the globe and we found that Mexico fit that bill quite nicely for an “expat retirement” destination.

Now Mexico may not be for everyone. You may have certain personal circumstances that would require that you stay in the United States, but for many North Americans, Mexico represents the best and last retirement haven where you can make your dollars stretch and enjoy a better, more comfortable retirement.

So please make the most of all we have to offer. Inside this site, you’ll find a plethora of information, facts, and real-life stories from expatriates who have already claimed the wonderful, luxurious life that Mexico has to offer. Everything you need to make a good decision about your future is here and waiting for you.

Very best regards,
Webmaster, Author and Retiree! :)