Peso Currency Exchange


Before you go to Mexico, make sure you have a Peso … or twenty … in your pocket!

That’s right, don’t wait until you cross the border to exchange your money.

First, you don’t know if you’ll be able to find an exchange service.

Second,  exchange “centers” are generally more expensive than banks because they may charge you a service fee to change your U.S. money into peso.

Oh… and beware any guy on the corner offering exchange services. He may offer you a whole stack of paper money, or coins, that can look appealing, but may only be worth 50 cents.

Yes things like that do happen.

Thus, you probably should always try to exchange your U.S. dollar for Mexico Peso at a bank.



Especially when you’re not that familiar with the going exchange rate. The banks will almost always give you the correct and best exchange rate.

U.S. You can also safely go to a casa de cambio, where you may get a bit lower exchange rate than the bank is offering, but you may not have to stand in line so long.

Just check the peso / U.S.D. rates posted – there are many of these cambios and the rates vary daily!

Peso article by Barbie.

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