Discount Cards for Seniors

Discount Cards

For All Seniors Legally Living in Mexico

I’ve already presented to you, an article about the INAPAM discount cards.  I had so many emailed questions and so much interest in discount cards, here’s a bit more information about them.

Your local DIF office (Desarrollo Integral de la Familia), in the State where you live, will be able to assist you in obtaining the two discount cards, that you will want to secure.   INAPAM, Nationwide, and The Plan Venerable, for the Guadalajara area, are the two discount cards that Senior natives and foreigners, living in Mexico, can obtain and make use of.  You can use these cards to get discounts at many businesses, services, entertainment and cultural venues throughout Mexico, including eating establishments, cinemas, drugstores, buses, retail establishments, medical services, governmental services and tax discounts, and even airplane tickets.


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INAPAM (Instituto Nacional de las Personas Adultas Mayores), a Nation-wide discount card program for everyone age 60 and over, allows for discounts in some 20,000 retail and service outlets throughout Mexico, such as VIPS, drugstores, inter-city buses, cultural and artistic classes and events, and even for airplane tickets.  Over and above the discounts at these businesses, INAPAM also offers medical and legal assistance.  One other offering INAPAM also offers is assistance in finding work for Seniors.

Venerable a los Adultos Mayores cards, is a State card – Jalisco.  Primarily offers discounts for Mexican Seniors over 50 years of age, but, you do have a chance, at least, of obtaining this discount card if you are an expat.  Most of the participating discounters for this card are in the Guadalajara area. The plan is valid for many businesses, mainly located in Guadalajara, including hotels, hospitals, restaurants, hospitals, physicians, opticians, laboratories, medical equipment outlets, stores and service providers.  “The Plan Venerable” card also allows Mexicans aged 50+ to get substantial discounts on their annual water bills and property taxes. Some Municipalities do take a rather discretionary approach to foreigners applying for this particular benefit. However, if you don’t ask, you won’t get.


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The two discount cards may duplicate each other somewhat, but, if you can get them both – do.  But, the INAPAM for most expats, is the best one to have.

To take with you when you apply for INAPAM & The Plan Venerable cards   Of course, this list may vary in different locales and depending upon which clerk you happen to get.  But, if you go with this list in your hand, the requirements should be covered. :

  • FM2 or FM3 credential or your visa (or your latest visa/permit)  booklet (plus 2 photocopies of the photo page),
  • Passport (plus 2 photocopies of the photo page),
  • Proof of residence – a Utility bill in your name, such as: CFE, Telmex or Simapa or the deed to your home, or your rental lease ( 2 photocopies of each),
  • Four Infantil size photos of applicant (color or black & white, instant photo is ok.  Make sure your picture is taken facing the camera.  It is  recommend that you wear light colored clothing so the DIF stamp shows easily on the card.  Take your glasses off to have the picture taken.  And actually you can, at most offices, get your picture taken there – but, take some with you, then you’re prepared,
  • Contact info of a relative or friend (I have heard this is in case of an accident?)

One of the best parts of these discount cards is that they are totally free.

If we all keep searching for little ways to cut our costs here and there, retirement will continue to be a blessing, and not a burden.  If you know of some great freebies or ways to cut costs for other retirees, do let me know, I’ll be so glad to pass them along to our Internet Family…any way to make the pennies (or pesos) stretch is appreciated by Dick and me!


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One Response to Discount Cards for Seniors

  1. carlton

    March 19, 2012 at 5:34 am

    I am not familiar with other Mexican states, I can only speak for Yucatan. The INAPAM in the past got you a few discounts but even those are going away. When we went to Palenque ruins in Chiapas the card got you free admission but now most of the ruins are not giving discounts with the card. There is a sign saying you have to be a Mexican national to receive the discount. Almost all restaurants will not give a discount, in fact they usually have no idea what it is. Even the farmacias have stopped taking then with few exceptions. It is still accepted some places so all you can do is ask when you get your menu or when you arrive. Still, any discount is good since the card is free.

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