Mysterious Green Blip as the Sun Sets in the Ocean

Late afternoon and my husband and I I found ourselves again at beachside to watch for the elusive green blip – that I never saw, even once – but lots of other people swear they see it – including my husband.

We watched the sun slide slowly into the ocean and again I strained, searching for the elusive green blip, we watched the gracefully gliding pelicans head to the island for the night. 

Nothing…no green blip greets my eyes, though all around me I hear “Oh!”, “Ahhh”, and “How Beautiful”, “Amazing”! 

Apparently, the instant the sun disappears below the ocean, there is an instant when you can see …the Green Blip…like a green flash…that’s what I’ve been told – but I haven’t seen it yet.  

Since then, I have heard that the green blip can be seen anyplace the sun sinks into water. 

So, I’ll just have to keep on trying to see this phenomenon…Maybe I’m trying too hard – don’t want to be left out of anything.  But, I still have never truly seen it….darn.

One email suggested I give up the Margarita’s and try to catch that flash then.  They claim to have seen it many times.  I replied to them that I guessed it was probably time to admit that my Margaritas are usually virgin – hey – maybe I’ll try a regular one next time!

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