iPads, iPods and Websites, Oh My! Plus An Email From A Reader

My youngest son just gave me an iPad.

Oh yes, it’s Chris’ first one – he bought the very first iPad when it first came out. And now, last week, of course with the New iPad out, he had to get the new one because the new one is faster and more powerful for his business, but truly this one he gave me looks pristine and runs fast!

Chris is in the Internet business.  Has always tried to keep me and Dad up-to-date on the latest contraptions.  So, it just went naturally for him to give me his “old” iPad – I’m supposed to share it with Dick too.  Having two iPads would really be overkill, don’t you think?

The picture is Chris at 2 years old.  mexico,travel,retireI’ve been doing my best to catch his fast instructions for my new iPad – and I try not to ask too many questions. I’m thinking this will be great next time we head out for a trip to someplace new!  I can type while riding, watch movies in the evenings, plus do research right on the road – well, at least if we stop at a hot spot for lunch, like McDonald’s!  I think I’m going to love it.

I do have to thank Chris again, for all the work and support he gives me on this website – couldn’t really handle it, if he didn’t do so much of the mandatory background work. And if he hadn’t taught me so much about producing the articles, etc.  Like so many of younger generation, computin’ comes so natural to him.  I write in my first book that it was really Chris who started this site for all of you readers.

Dick and I had been to Mexico and so many other places, in our quest to find that perfect place for us to retire.  Being very detail-natured (Chris has a different term for that), when we returned to Louisiana, for a break in our search, I had a huge stack of information we had gathered during the past many months.

It was pure serendipity the day Chris walked into our computer room and started flipping through the pages I had laying on my desk and told me it was a shame not to share all that info with others, cause it would take some people years to gather up the detailed info he saw.

Thus, it was, that my first book Retire in Luxury was born, along with this website that I’m still enjoying so much and am so proud of.


Chris also, several months ago, gave both Dick and I an iPod.  What a wonderful small package to take on trips and vacations.  I have so much info on that – I don’t know what I’d do without it – I have the microphone so I can just chat into it, record some of Dick’s opinions, etc.  I love it.  I’ve even used it to record the proceedings of a meeting for a club I was on the board of…very handy!
So, now, I think I’ve filled up my new iPad with all the info I will need (at least for now) and all the various aps.  I’m really looking forward to taking it with me on our next trip of discovery.

What’s my next big technological task? I’m building a Facebook page for my readers. If you’r on Facebook, too, follow this link and “LIKE ME”  — It’s a work in progress; I will have more to tell you about it soon, but feel free to take a sneak peak and tell me what you think! I have uploaded quite a few pictures already.

A little bit on our traveling now.

Ever since we were wed, if there was a road we had not traveled down, Dick wanted to take it, so see what was at the other end.  He never wanted to miss anything!  Well, now we are a bit more cautious, darn it.  We tend to take the more traveled roads…we keep with the crowds.  What a shame, in a way, but, luckily we had our years of exploring and enjoying every lagniappe this big wide world was ready to offer us.  And who knows just what we’ll discover or learn, even on a road more traveled…

(Addendum – last evening, Chris gave Dad a Vizio…! Dick has been playing with it since – guess he did need his own.) Chris said he got a really great deal on it, on one of those “one sale a day-type” places on the internet…he loves a deal just like Dick and I.

An email from a Reader:

“hi there…

“yes… i did get your book some time ago…. and keep it handy…

“our intent is to sell literally everything, but from our combined families… pictures, etc…keepsakes…’gifts’ from our kids etc… special things…

“we’re starting fresh in our lives and don’t want a lot of ‘clutter’……

“as for the material things, from what we’ve seen,  the prices are certainly cheaper….as in the usa things are much more cheaper than here in canada ! for starters…. our needs are simple.

“Mexico, will fulfill our needs…our dreams… we’ve been planning this for the past couple of years..

“my husband is a police officer….and i’m a real estate agent… we’ve both had hectic lives… filled with stress…

“we’ll check things out very thoroughly…so we don’t mess up…..obviously the finances are extremely important…there may well be specific  requirements that we will have to fulfill to handle things properly.”

So, dear reader, tell me about your thoughts on retirement? Are you there yet? Or are you getting ready? Share your thoughts! I want to hear them. Write a comment below!


P.S. Regarding my Facebook page for MoneySavingMexico: I have over 55 photos up there from Mexico and I’m adding more daily. I have soooo many and it takes a while to upload them all. But I’m working on it! If  you’re on Facebook, too, please stop by and “LIKE” me!  Find me on Facebook: Click Here

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2 Responses to iPads, iPods and Websites, Oh My! Plus An Email From A Reader

  1. Ruth

    April 23, 2012 at 6:31 am

    Visited your Facebook page. Love it. When you go to Mazatlan, do you always drive?

    I’m not particularly big on water so my preference is the Guadalajara and Chapala area. Have driven it before, always on the toll roads and never had a problem in the past but it’s been 10 years since we lived there for a year. REALLY, REALLY want to go again but it’s almost cheaper to fly by the time you get auto insurance and pay the tolls and the hotels on the way. But I hate losing the indepencence of the car after we get there.

    Surely would love to meet you and Dick some day.
    When are you going to Maz again. Maybe we can meet up.

  2. Barbie


    April 23, 2012 at 3:30 pm

    Hi Ruth – We have drive and have also taken a plane. Both have their pros and cons, as I’m sure you are aware. It’s just a matter of choice. Enjoy! Oh – it will be a little while before we head back to Maz – but, I will let you know – who knows what the future may bring :)

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