Retirement Plans


Surprise!!  When you enter retirement …your paycheck is gonna stop!

Now, that’s just about the scariest thing most of us are ever going to contemplate.

But, don’t panic…

there’s a whole lot of us out here in the world of retirement, doing just fine.

Now, that may mean you need to find a place that offers cheaper living – that’s why I offer so much info about Mexico – a wonderful place to really make your pennies stretch.

But, even before retiring, why not take some positive action – I’m betting you and your partner both really don’t need a phone in your pocket along with a land line in your home.  Remember back when everyone could actually wait 10 minutes to tell you something “important” or ask an “important” question – like “what did you have for breakfast this morning?” …until we were face to face?  I do remember a time when asking such mundane questions seemed – well really needless.  I remember a time when communication actually was something worth saying…

Anyway, consider your expenses you have now – try turning off the lights when you leave a room, or at least turn off a few of them.  I personally don’t like walking into a dark room, but the lovely glow of one lamp makes most areas feel welcoming.  And we’ve changed almost all light bulbs to the funny curly ones.

Car expenses – uh-huh – 2 cars may make things convenient for you.  But have you actually tried scheduling trips to save on gas and auto expenses like tires even, to when you really need to turn that key on?  …Especially if you’re actually already retired!

You can sort of ease yourself into a comfortable retirement if you just check out your expenses before that day comes.

Another personal experience – Son was complaining about stretching his paycheck.  So, we sat down and wrote out his expenses.  Hum – looked like he shouldn’t have any problems from the list…  Any more little expenses you’re overlooking possibly?  “Well, I usually stop a couple of times day to get a pop or a cold drink, but that’s only about a buck each time”.  Now, this son is a very bright guy, but just really never caught on to what a penny is – nonetheless “a buck”.  So, on paper, we discovered that if he just stopped doing that and grabbed a couple of cans from his refrigerator and carry them in a little cooler in his back seat – he was looking at saving way over $50 a month.  He was amazed…geez.


coconut palm line streets

And he was carrying a balance on one of his credit cards – oh my brain is aching now – Pay it off !!!  If you do the soda thing,  you’ll have approximately $60 a month in your pocket instead of in Mr. MasterCard’s pocket…use that to pay off your credit cards!!!   Seems his paycheck, after going over things one at a time was going to allow him to actually put a couple of bucks back for a little vacation – surprise!

So, sit down, look seriously at your expenses – see where you can cut back before retirement!  Then save those couple of bucks toward your retirement years – you’ll be so glad you did.

Addition Feb 3, 2013 – the amount you need to move to Mexico has changed – see –

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  1. Barbie


    February 20, 2011 at 10:14 pm

    Hi Barbie, I am interested in living in Mexico in an rv until I can find a permanent residence. Can you tell me a little about things i will need to know? You have the best site I have ever seen, thanks for your help. Terry.

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