Stay Safe In Mexico (and Anywhere Else You Go!)

We are all


about safety. 

The following email I recently received emphasizes that very fact – our safety. It’s from Edna and she writes:

Hi Barbie: If I want to go and spend a month in Mexico to test the waters so to speak, do you have any information on that? I’m single female, traveling alone. Would it be safe? Thx,  Edna

Edna has a very good question. My response is: No matter where you go, you need to be careful. That includes anyplace in the U.S., too. You need to be careful in Mexico, in New York City, in San Francisco, and in Small Town, USA.

Safety in pairs

Early morning

I really think  that no matter where you go, you will enjoy it more if you can talk a friend into going with you. My opinion is – you should never go to a strange place alone.

And remember: Get all the information you can before you go. Know what to expect. I have received so many emails from single guys and gals and they have been just fine – but, know where you’re going – know what to do. Don’t be foolish. Do your research and plan ahead.

Talk about safety…

I just got an email from someone who “had a friend” who was in one of the larger cities in Mexico. They were at a bar and decided to walk to their hotel at 3 AM.  Excuse me, but that now no way thinking of safety – was stupid…anyplace!!!  So, the police pulled them over and fined (” robbed”) them of the cash they had on them – $55. Frankly at 3 AM they were lucky something worse didn’t happen to them.

Anyway, I’ll get off my pulpit and just say: BE CAREFUL. Enjoy yourself  and research, research, research before you go, and always be aware of the safety factor.

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Safety article by Barbie.

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