Earthquake & Driving to Mazatlan Email

Hello!  Well, there was quite an earthquake in Mexico – March 20, 2012 – yet another one…

If you think earthquakes are rare, you’re going to be so surprise – visit this site:

Our world,(at the approximate age of 4 1/2 Billion years old and expected to reach the grand old age of 8 Billion years, is just entering it’s middle ages – sort of like you and I turning about 45 …Oh, remember those good days – so young!) has earth quakes all the time – some bigger, some smaller.  Just look at this one – the earthquakes California and Nevada have had in the past week:

compared to:

Now, the MEXICO jolt of March 20, 2012, was definitely a large one.  Centered 200 miles South/southeast of Mexico City, and about 100 miles West/southwest of Oaxaca, luckily, though not small, has caused no deaths.  My heart does go out to all the people who are homeless and without water, but emergency units do take immediate action.  And, due to past experience with earthquakes, buildings are built stronger to withstand such movement…and the ones that were damaged this time, will be even better constructed too.

With the action of a constantly moving earth, earthquakes will continue – worldwide, but especially in the known, earthquake prone areas.

Now, a wonderful email from Rick:

USED 2011 Cruise roadDrive Update-

I just made the drive from Mazatlan to Phoenix(3/8/12). I travel the Couta (toll road) and drive only during daylight hours. Approximate driving time Mazatlan to Nogales is 13-15 (at 65-75 mph) hours. Total toll will be around $50-60 (it’s best to keep pesos in small paper denominations). In the old days I would drive straight thru to Phoenix but since retirement I like to split in in half and stay in either Hermosillo or Guaymas.

Road Conditions-

Roads were pretty good this trip. Always changing with construction. The worst section was between Cuidad Obregon and Navojoa (60 miles) where it was down to one lane each way.


The Federal Policia (blue cars and trucks) set up random stops wherever they like. Personally I feal good about that. There are also agriculture. stops so I don’t pack fruit in my cooler.

There may be other stops. I’ve found most of these stops uneventful. In most cases they are looking for drugs, guns or large amounts of cash.


Plenty but I run on the top half of my tank.

Feel Free to contact me if you have questions Rick.”

So, thanks Rick!  Personal experience can’t be beat to rely upon!  Sure appreciate you taking the time to let us all know that your trip was a good one!

P.S. About the stops:  From my first book, Retire In Luxury

“Don’t even think about bringing a weapon into Mexico! It is illegal! Don’t attempt to bring guns and/or ammunition into Mexico. Even some knives are confiscated at the border.”

Parks, Barbara (2010-05-12). Retire In Luxury Now – Discover why more and more Americans and Canadians are choosing to enjoy a wonderful, luxurious retirement in Mexico – well-prepared! (Kindle Locations 893-896).  Kindle Edition.

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