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I want to share some email I recently received from my expat friends. This first one is a wonderful reminder to all of us, plus I want to share an update on the new road in Mexico:

“Hola Barbie: We have been living in Ajijic for about 6 months. We love this place. We bought a condo in Puerto Vallarta 5 years ago and have traveled to the Lago De Chapala area a lot since buying our vacation home. Last year we made the decision to move to Mexico permanently and found a wonderful home in Ajijic. No regrets.

“I wanted to make a few of comments regarding some observations I’ve made so far while living full time in Mexico:

“1. Americans and Canadians who are impatient and unwilling to adjust to the Mexican time table should go home. They are miserable here and should get out.

“2. So far the rudest and most UNFRIENDLY people we’ve come upon are older Americans and Canadians. What’s wrong with a smile once in a while? If you are miserable here, then go back!

“3. Mexico is NOT the huge bargain it once was. If a person is moving to Mexico, just to save money, then they need to stay home. Coming here for financial reasons is the wrong motivator. You will be miserable.

“Finally, I’d like to remind people that even with permanent imigrado status, we are all still GUESTS in Mexico. The Mexican people are kind and warm. Most of them have a different value system, than most people from the North. Punctuality is variable. Family, friends, the joy of life are far more important than waiting in some stupid line.

“Finally, I want to say to my Northern Associates…”Get over yourselves”. Mexico, the Mexican people and I will all survive without you. Stop thinking you can make Mexico into a cheaper version of where you came from. It isn’t going to happen.”


To: Barbara
”Hola amiga:  If you’re planning to drive, I might suggest that you enter Mexico at Nogales, Arizona. It’s a longer drive from Louisiana but you’ll be doing it on US Interstate Highways and not the “Maxipistas” of Mexico.
In addition, you won’t encounter the “Devil’s Backbone”, that stretch of two lane road from Durango to Mazatlan which is the ultimate mountain road adventure.

”I made the mistake of using the route from Laredo, Texas to Mazatlan on my initial trip and swore, “Never again”. At times I thought I spotted my own tail lights!!! And if you have ever seen a Mexican 18-wheeler flip over right in front of you or a rock slide down a 14,000 ft. mountain in the Sierra Madres you’ll know what I mean.”




To: Barbara  ”I would bring every creature comfort that you can’t live without because
the quality you will find here is sometimes not as good.

”We brought packaged food, marinades, oriental goods that are our favorites as we can’t get them here.  We are going back for more like BIG plastic fans, dehumidifier, plastic
water jug with a spout for water, lemon juice, limeade and many simple things that you can’t get here.

”(Dick and I found these items readily available at the Sam’s store in Mazatlan and other places – of course, we’re really good at shopping – thanks to my Mother and Daddy – they taught us both the value of a penny!)”

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2 Responses to Email From Expats

  1. Roslyn

    February 16, 2014 at 1:00 pm

    Hi Barbie, I have written to you several times however I don’t know if you’ve ever received them.
    I hope you will get this email. I read from Mexican Consulate that in order to get your pensioner visa in Mexico that you need to show that you have $2500 a month coming in from a pension or Social Security. Do you know anything about this? Please comment on this fact.
    I have enjoyed reading all of your comments about living and retiring in Mexico, but if this is in fact true about retiring in Mexico, then this cuts out a lot of people unless they just want to live there
    as with a tourist visa and leave every 180 days and renew it, without the ability of using their medical insurance system.
    Please comment on this issue if you can.
    Thank you,

  2. Barbie


    February 22, 2014 at 10:40 pm

    Please read the articles I have on site – it tells you specifically what you need. Barbie

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