Mazatlan Trip, Part 10

Yesterday we played and rested.

How has the time flown by so quickly?

In the short time we’ve been here, we have been able to see so many old friends, met new friends, and caught up on all the little personal things that we had missed.

Even the hurricane, which did slow us down a little bit, was actually pretty exciting, and turned into a couple of really nice days.  We still managed to have time enough to gather information for the readers! A very busy, fruitful trip.

On our last day in Mazatlan, Dick and I were awakened with beautifully bright sunlight streaming into our bedroom at 8:30 a.m. That was a lovely beginning to our day, though also a pretty early awakening for us…we could have slept in a bit longer, but, there were things to do.

We did the last little bit of packing and then headed to Candalliera for breakfast. There is the most beautiful enormous amount of candles that have dripped into a huge mass at the entry – quite amazing and beautiful – thus the name, I guess, Candalliera. We were a little disappointed there was no buffet offered this morning, so we ordered a pastry and fruit plate with coffee… a very lovely, leisurely breakfast again this morning. Then we headed back to our room.

We gathered everything, checking twice to make sure nothing was left behind and headed down to the lobby just in time to see Renate and B.J. leaving PBEB and heading home too. Our total bill for the week, that we had to pay out of our pockets, was about $70 US, plus we handed over our hundred dollar funny money that we had secured during our timeshare presentation, and that went toward the things we had charged at the resort. We do love all those specials you can find if you search hard enough!

We had, from home, several months ago, exchanged our timeshare week, for our week at Pueblo Bonita Emerald Bay. So, though of course, we had to pay for the exchange fee and include the little expense of maintenance we pay yearly, $200 US, plus our original price for our timeshare week, it was a bargain.

We bought our timeshare a bit more than 30 years ago…

…for the total price of $300 cash (so we divide that amount by about 30 when figuring our total cost), at a “timeshare clearance sale” at a timeshare property near where we lived in Kentucky. We were thrilled with such a bargain for a timeshare week. You can now pick up timeshares on EBay, for practically nothing. Just be aware of that yearly maintenance fee you have to pay – or your vacation could be mucho expensive!

Dick brought our car up from the parking lot himself so we could, at our ease, get our luggage secured. Then we started the drive toward town, to return our rental car.

On our way to the car rental office, we exchanged most of our remaining pesos into dollars at a bank, picked up four Burger Kings for the air trip, and filled the car with gas before arriving at the rental car office.

Apparently Manuel had been scheduled to drive us back to the airport, but after waiting a little while for his appearance, it was decided that a more mature man, who was also working there, would drive us. Manuel did finally show up just as we were getting into the car, so we wished him well. But as the elderly man was already behind the wheel, he would be our driver.

On our ride to the airport I took many, many more pictures.

The information we received from our driver…

…who spoke English perfectly, was that he receives Mexican Social Security of $300 a month, so he still works part-time to increase his income. He gets free medical care through the government, and he owns his own home. He said jokingly, that he mainly works to get out of the house and away from his wife for a few hours a day. He drove us by one area and pointed out that only poor people live there, and that he would not want his family to live there. So, there are areas you must be aware of. He was living well in Mexico on his Mexico Social Security of $300 a month, plus his little part-time job.

We arrived at the airport, and thanked him for the ride and the good conversation. Then, quickly we made our way through customs, handed in that important little paper we had received when we entered Mexico, that we have kept in our passport until now, and headed onto the plane. We had an uneventful, successful flight home. I can’t wait until we head south again and can stay a bit longer in Mazatlan or maybe someplace other in Mexico!  We’ll see where the wind blows us.

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