Mazatlan Trip, Part 2

Part 2 of “Mazatlan Trip”

My last article, the beginning of our trip to Mazatlan from L.A., ended with Dick and I passing through one of the check points – minus shoes.

I also reminded you all to always keep an eye on your belongings you have to put into that plastic box that goes through the x-ray machine. We continue from there…

So anyway, it probably took us less than an hour, all in all, from the time we arrived at the airport until we found some vacant seats near gate 32, so we could sit down and wait… again… the old phrase “hurry up and wait” is never far from our minds.

We had about an hour to wait until our actual flight began and by now we were starting to get hungry. We hadn’t noticed any eating place on our tour of the airport so we started off in the opposite direction that we had just come from. Our selected route eventually made a circle back to where we started from. Halfway in between there was another huge holding tank (sitting area) of travelers. We use the restrooms several times hoping to be able to contain through the flight. We finally decided to just eat a couple of the snacks that we had stashed in our carry-on luggage and sit back and wait for take-off.1982 Clouds from airplane maybe

Boarding finally started and it was ridiculous. No one could understand the microphones so everyone just seemed to mill around asking each other, “…what did they say?”, “…did you understand what they said?” until we heard what we thought the announcers said “rows 15 to 30 were boarding”. Since our seats were in Row 22, down the gangplank and onto the plane we went.

Nod to the captain and crew, and down the aisle. Quickly find your seat. Hope there is room to store your carry-on in the baggage compartment… yes, success. Sit down quickly so everyone else can board. A female traveler will be sharing our row. Turned out she was extremely nice, and she and her husband were staying at Pueblo Bonita Emerald Bay also. During a very uneventful flight, the stewardess passed out juices and sodas and our little bag of pretzels (even these little tidbits have vanished on most flights now).

I love looking out the window of a plane. At times the clouds are so spectacular they’re just unbelievable. Eventually, I spot the Sea of Cortez with land on each side and then finally as we go further south just water and we’re almost to Mazatlan.

Touchdown was smooth and we rolled slowly toward the gate. I was surprised we disembarked from the back of the plane. We walked across the tarmac and entered the building. I spotted a uniformed worker with a wheelchair and claimed it as mine. Back in L.A., we had waited about 10 minutes after getting our border passes for a wheelchair and finally gave up on it and walked. But in Mexico a wheelchair was waiting, so I was wheeled… and there was our seatmate… she has a wheelchair too. We wave at each other and smile. The weather is warm.

Sidebar explanation as to why I needed a wheelchair:

The problem all started with a spur that I grew, not on the bottom of my foot, but out the back of my heel… actually three little sharp protruding wing-shaped bones. I first went to physical therapy, with the result being the little wings did some shredding of my Achilles instead of helping. My whole heel became extremely inflamed. Surgery had been scheduled to correct the spurs and I was supposed to be housebound. But one day…you know how it is… I just had to go out in our backyard and check how our little artichoke plant was coming along. I leaned over ever so slightly, felt a terrible intense pain, and fell down in the stones. I had severed my Achilles tendon… darn!… and really big ouchey!!! Luckily, Dick was outside at the time and heard me scream…yep, I screamed…the pain was extreme. He tried to get me up but I couldn’t move my leg to help at all. He tried to get me over his shoulder – no way – the pain was unbearable. Now, to boot there was a cactus bed just a couple of feet away and I was so afraid I would get half way up and fall into the cactus. Of course, Dick finally saved the day… he got his trusty wheel barrel and quickly lined it with pillows from the patio! He was able, by tipping the front clear down to the ground, where I was and sort of lifting me in, with some leverage, then he actually got it rolling, with me in it, through the stones of our yard. By now I was calming down a little bit… the screaming had subsided… and halfway back to the house I realize what a ridiculous situation I had caused… and  that it was sort of fun riding in a wheelbarrow! So I laughed and cried through the pain, all the way in. In just a couple of days I had big-time surgery… removal of the spurs, and reattaching the Achilles. Suggestion to you all… when something’s wrong don’t put off treatment too long!flying over mexico 1 Pico de Orizaba 5760m

My next article will be Day Two, arriving at our resort, be watching for my email.

An email from Bob D., in response to my post about the possibility of me starting a new site:


My wife and I retired to Ajijic, Mexico four years ago. Glad we did, can’t imagine living back in the U.S. We enjoy the cultural differences. We think that they make life more interesting and different. If we can help with anything from our village let us know. Adios, Buena Suerte with the new site.

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2 Responses to Mazatlan Trip, Part 2

  1. Jo Torres

    June 17, 2012 at 1:01 pm

    Again I delight in your humor and great story telling! Thank you for sharing!
    I am your devoted fan, and dream of a move to Mexico, however, Santa Fe, NM is glorious in the summer and fall, come late Sept & Oct, I”ll be more deligent about joining ya’ll exPats…somewhere in Mex among the flowers….

  2. Barbie


    June 18, 2012 at 12:01 am

    Thank you so much Jo, you bring a big smile to my face. Barbie

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