Mazatlan Trip Table of Contents

As you know, I have been writing a lot about Mazatlan lately….

That’s because Mazatlan is one of the preeminent retirement locations for seniors and expats who are looking to reduce their cost of living and live BETTER than they do now. Mazatlan has a vibrant, established English-speaking expat community, great sea food, and lots housing possibilities — whether you want to live in the city in a colonial-style home or if you want a more modernized hacienda, you can get that, too. There are also lots of developments offering resort-style living — complete with golf courses, entertainment, and more..

I guess the one thing I overlooked in doing articles like this is including a Table of Contents – at least my version of one. So, if you need to read about a specific subject again, and don’t know which page to go to, here’s some help for you to make your research less of a challenge:

Mazatlan Trip, Part I – Printing your boarding pass, Luggage rules, Booties for me

Mazatlan Trip, Part 2 – Easy to travel with a wheelchair, Ajijic email

Mazatlan Trip, Part 3 – Charlie, Visitor’s permit, Rental car, Poncho’s

Mazatlan Trip, Part 4 – Timeshare presentation, Groceries, Bank, Prescriptions and dentistry

Mazatlan Trip, Part 5 – Picture taking, Marketplace, Warning about rain, Ajijic email

Mazatlan Trip, Part 6 – Setting up a timeshare presentation, Meeting other Expats everywhere

Mazatlan Trip, Part 7 – Thunder and lightning, An expensive dinner, Email about buying or renting

Mazatlan Trip, Part 8 – The hurricane cometh! Quack, quack, quack! Electricity and water

Mazatlan Trip, Part 9 – Flamingos, Asparagus soup

Mazatlan Trip, Part 10 – Timeshare expenses, Friendly and informative driver, We buy goodies for airplane trip.

boat, men, pelicans, islands, houses

This should help glue the whole story together. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it, and receiving the information that it contained for you. Barbie


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  1. mary hayes

    August 6, 2012 at 2:27 pm



  2. Barbie


    August 14, 2012 at 10:18 pm

    You are not the only one who wants that type of info – I’ll be getting on to that very soon. Barbie

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