Traveling in Mexico…

Traveling in Mexico…

On a Scooter :)

Yes, I got a scooter.

My back has caused me problems for years.   I guess I was born overweight…a healthy 10-pounder – how did my Mother live through that?  She was a little lady – probably topped 5’1” at her best.  Anyway, it seems that I have been on diets my whole life.

When I was around 11, my sister and I were on yet another diet – and exercising like mad – I was in the middle of one session and doing some pretty frantic twists and I twisted really far and really hard and I remember hearing my back go crack, crack, pop, crack, pop, pop – and I’ve been plagued with back problems since. 

So, after years of chiropractors and doctors and pills, and in more recent years, two surgeries, (by then, the arthritis had also taken it’s toll on my back )  I needed some help getting around.

It was really brought to the forefront when we went on a cruise, just a couple of years ago with friends.  I thought as usual I’d just “tough it out”.  Was I wrong…I truly couldn’t keep up and do the things I wanted to do and see everything I wanted to see (I also just hate to miss anything).  So, Dick and I, just after one day, went to the help desk on ship and rented a wheelchair for me.  I just hated the thought of giving in, but, the four of us had really big plans – no one wanted to miss anything – and I wasn’t living up to my promise of showing them everything.  I hadn’t even considered a scooter yet.

Just giving in and getting that wheelchair was a major concession on my part.  I just hated to admit I needed help like that.  But, the next day, as I was wheeling along – aided by three healthy people who seemed quite happy to take turns pushing me – all at once I began to see things in a different light. 

Of course, the cruise had taken us to Mexican ports and this time, the four of us discovered that most of the “handicapped” attempts of making passage easy were hilarious.  Mexico is trying, but it seems they just don’t understand that if you go up a 45 degree angle and immediately go down a 45 degree angle that some people can get completely stuck on the pointy top – rocking back and forth, even with someone pushing a wheelchair… and that having a nice inclined sidewalk for 20 feet really doesn’t quite solve the problem, when there’s two 10 inch steps at the end.  I must say, we all probably ached more from laughing than from the stress of pushing a chair.  Mexico is trying – they just don’t have it quite right yet.  And luckily, I can still just jump out of the chair, have Dick and friends lift the chair over the obstacles and continue.  Lots of people are not able to raise from their chairs so easily, and that’s keeping lots of people from fully enjoying…not just in Mexico, but in most countries…just try being pushed three blocks over some cobblestone streets in Italy or someother exotic shore – not a pretty picture.


Me and my scooter at a border

So, anyway, now there’s a take-apart motorized (electric) scooter – chair – whatever you want to call it, that resides in our garage.  I don’t need to use it in the house – I can still get around in that respect well, it’s just needed for shopping and traveling.  I must say it’s quite wonderful – goes about seven miles on a charge and comes apart into five easy to put together pieces –the heaviest piece only weighs about 28 pounds and it takes probably all of a minute and a half to put together, turn on the key and take off with Dick and my scooter, to see the next exciting, wonderful sights that are out there. 



Scooter article by Barbie.

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3 Responses to Traveling in Mexico…

  1. Jim Dittmer

    June 28, 2011 at 10:04 am

    Glad to hear you are adapting to the scooter lifestyle! It sounds like you are using it mostly for more intense or longer trips, still getting around OK around the house on foot? Best wishes… this is one more way you are an inspiration to us!

  2. Jim Dittmer

    June 28, 2011 at 10:20 am

    Oh, and the description of the 45 degree peak and the ramp culminating in stairs cracked me up. Like most places, they sound like they’re trying but don’t quite “get it”!

  3. Barbie


    June 28, 2011 at 10:02 pm

    You’re right – scooter is saved for “need it” situations :) Thanks for the nice email! Barbie

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