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Addendum:  the latest rules on Visas:

BUT, I want you to read this article anyway, and especially the hint about having aspirin!  Could save your life wherever you have retired to.

When you drive or fly in, as a tourist, you are allowed to stay for a period up to  6 months – you fill out papers on the plane to secure the visa that allows that, and you will fill out similar papers if you drive in – Forma Migratoria Multiple, or FMM.

As of April 30, 2010, Passport holders from countries on Mexico’s “no visa required list” do not need to apply for a formal visa to visit Mexico. They may, instead, use a visitor’s permit  – the Forma Migratoria Multiple, or FMM.

If you decide to stay longer…

… you have to leave Mexico, and then re-enter Mexico to secure another permit visa, which permits another stay.  It may be wise, in that case, to secure an FM3, (180 days to one year)  and maybe even eventually an FM2.  The FM3 permits are what we call perpetual visitor .  These permits allow you to stay a year – then that can be renewed another year, for a 5-year period.  Then, you can reapply – again.  That’s what retirees usually secure.  The process may take a day – possibly even two, so, be prepared, and be patient – at least when applying the first time.


By the way – not to do with permits, but, do something for yourself right now

Place a bottle of aspirin beside your bed table now.  WHY?  If you have chest pain that is sever enough to waken you, all you need to do is immediately chew two aspirins and then swallow them with a bit of water.  It could save your life.  Then, immediately get medical attention – call 911. And while you are waiting on the emergency people to come, DO NOT LIE DOWN.  Sit on a chair or sofa near the front door and wait for their arrival.

Permits and aspirin article by Barbie.

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