Say Goodbye To Those Winter Blues

Some like it hot!  Almost everybody hates cold, gloomy weather. Now say goodbye to snow and say hello to nice warm weather and beautiful clear skies…


I’ve taken information from a couple of email I received through this site for this article – I think they both have some very important information for any one looking for the perfect place to relocate.

From Sandy:

“ I live in the Baja and have also lived in the Vallarta area. Both have their pluses and minuses.

“Vallarta is really nice 6 months in the winter, but the summer is very hot and humid. But Vallarta has many more amenities than the Baja, since it is a much larger city and near Guadalajara.

“In the Baja the summer is also hot and humid, but it is shorter than Vallarta, where the humid heat really kicks in in May, believe it or not, and becomes unreal by August and September, whereas here ( live in the San Jose area) May and June are quite nice, and even July, although hot, is nothing like Vallarta.

USED colors and food of mexico“Really, only August and September are downright awful, along with a couple of weeks into October, and then it suddenly changes

“As for La Paz, it is hotter than the Cabos area because the cold Pacific current is not nearby; it is also colder in winter because it is more exposed to the north winds from the States. Vallarta and the Nayarit coast are more buggy because it is tropical there, whereas Baja is like Arizona with a seacoast!

“Nayarit around the area of San Blas is famous for its mosquitos and its “jejenes” or “noseeums”–very pesky. (I wrote of Avon’s Skin So Soft as being helpful for these to one person plagued with these pests – Barbie)

“Anyway, if you want “cooler” in the summer, you’ll have to look elsewhere than on the coasts of Mexico, where even International Living says the summer heat is “brutal.”

“ The trick is to go inland and gain elevation–lots of places there have an “eternal springlike” climate.

“There are many, many nice inland places–depends on whether you’re a city mouse or a country mouse. There’s every size and climate you can imagine

“I will say, though, that if you don’t know Spanish, I’d stick to the places that have some Anglo-American presence, unless you’re very adventurous and savvy about foreign living. By the way, I’ve heard good things about the Synergy Spanish method. Good luck!”

From Jorge:

“I never said La Paz was “bad.” I said it was hot in the summer–more especially July through September, when the temperatures are not only high, but it is also humid, therefore the shade offers little relief.

“ I wrote with elderly retired people in mind. After a certain age you don’t tolerate high temperatures too well. Now, the fact is that average daytime temps in La Paz, July through September, are all in the 90′s. That’s average. And it is humid heat. As you say, you need a/c to “get through” the summer months. You also say that “I agree that on the hottest weeks if you are outside doing activity other than the pool/beach it can be uncomfortable.” That is precisely my point; if you’re living in La Paz, and not just vacationing, you are going to be doing more than staying at a pool or at the beach. And “the hottest weeks” are roughly 10 in number.

“As for the nice breeze in the evening, remember that the Cozumel breezes more or less cease to blow in August and September. When there is a breeze, I agree, the evenings can be pleasant.

“I have no quarrel with La Paz. It’s a nice city. But like every place under the sun, it has its pros and cons which you have to take into account, especially if you are planning to live there and invest money.

“There are people who love the heat, and there are those who do not. So it is good to be aware of the facts of the matter regarding your intended location.”USED Border crossing, united states

All of the above are my sentiments exactly – They express something that is very important to themselves.  So – really study the area you think you are interested in. Not just the financial part, though that’s mighty important too! And, don’t just look at one beautiful picture of a gorgeous sunset and decide that’s where you must live for the rest of your days!

  • Do see how easy it is to get back and forth to your selected area from the States, or where ever your family resides.
  • How are the conveniences in the area, once you get there?
  • Don’t take for granted that you can get high speed internet in every little hamlet in Mexico or other countries for that matter, the way you can in the States. Or would you be satisfied with the dialup service from past years?
  • How are the food sources in the area – handy to get to? Will you have several choices to pick from?
  • Are there other Expats who have already paved the way for you in the area? Or do you wish to be completely independent of their influence?
  • How are the roads and the ease of getting around – did you have visions of walking to market everyday or so?
  • How are the hospitals – and other medical facilities around?
  • The beautiful hills – can you really navigate them as easily as you once could or would a flat terrain be more to your liking and ability? How is the altitude going to influence your aches and pains?
  • And yes – by all means – just how is the weather??  ‘Cause for sure, we all do not like or tolerate the same things.
As I’ve reiterated from the beginning of this site – PLEASE – do your studying – you truly can never have too much information.  After all, it’s your life… make the most of it for your own sake!
Weather Article by Barbie

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3 Responses to Say Goodbye To Those Winter Blues

  1. Jorge

    March 19, 2012 at 1:20 pm

    Hi Barbara,

    Very kind of you to repost my comments. I am glad to be of some small help.

    By the way, the winds in La Paz are the “coromuel” winds. It sounds like Cozumel, but of course, Cozumel is on the Caribbean coast. There is a little article on them at the Wikipedia, here:

    and a quite informative one here:

  2. James T. Bess

    March 20, 2012 at 6:09 am

    I like the way it sounds moving to Mexico is something i have been looking forword too the last year or so I am intrested in hearing about the San Luis Potos area if there are people that live in RV,s down there write me and let me know what it’s like to live in your RV in Mexico .

  3. Silvia

    April 9, 2012 at 11:26 am

    Puerto Vallarta has safe hotels in all price rgeans from cheap to very expensive. The cheaper hotels will be a few blocks from the beach. If you are looking for value for your dollar, book your travel outside of the high tourist season. Low season hotel rates are about half those of the high season. In Puerto Vallarta, high season runs from November to April. May to October is low season. The Summer months are very hot in Puerto Vallarta, though.The last weeks of October are a good time to visit, as the weather is pleasant, hotel prices are still low and some of the “seasonal” restaurants are starting to open up in preparation for the high season.Also, avoid the week before Easter (Semana Santa) and the week after Easter (Semana Pascua) because it is a MAJOR holiday time for Mexicans, with enormous crowds at the beaches and hotels filled to capacity.

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