How To Retire Mexico “Mexico is now one of the TOP retirement havens in the world.”

In fact, according to the Dallas Morning News, over 500,000 Americans and Canadians are living in Mexico right this very minute — and that figure is up 500% from just 10 years ago.

Now add another 600,000 Europeans who have moved to Mexico and you’ll begin to realize something special is happening:

MORE AND MORE people are choosing Mexico as a place to live, work, and retire. Why? It’s simple. Your money goes a long, long way.

You can live much, MUCH better than you do now… on less than you’re spending now… but you don’t have to live in Mexico to benefit from Mexico. Anybody can save money…

Yes, indeed! Mexico is a bargain compared to the USA and Canada. It’s all possible because labor, food, and locally manufactured goods are much less expensive in Mexico. It is possible to live (or vacation) in Mexico for far less than you would spend virtually anywhere else. And best of all? The weather! If you are looking for the perfect place to live, vacation or simply winter-the-colder seasons, then a Mexico escape is definitely for you.


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You Don’t Have To
Live In Mexico To Benefit From Mexico

The reason why so many Americans and Canadians choose Mexico is due to its relatively close driving distance and proximity to the U.S. If you’re not 100% sure living in Mexico is for you, you should know that every day thousands of Americans cross the border to save money on prescriptions, dental care, health care, and practically everything else.

Mexico DentistsIn my latest book, Money Saving Mexico , you’ll learn about a person named Nancy…

Nancy contacted me by email and told me her story: She was retired, living in Georgia and had no dental insurance… yet she was in desperate need of an extraordinary amount of dental work… to the tune of over $10,000! Ugh.

So what did Nancy do? She made plans to drive to Mexico! The cost of Nancy’s travel and her dental expenses are less than HALF of what she would have faced in The States!!

This is certainly not meant to judge U.S. dentists. They have their own issues to deal with including the increasing costs of malpractice insurance, high-profile office leases, and employee wages, etc., etc., etc. It all adds up and we end up paying for it.

But if YOU were faced with Nancy’s situation, what would you choose to do? Take out a loan, maybe even get second mortgage just to go to a U.S. dentist? Or would you rather keep most of your money and have the exact same procedure completed in Mexico?

Amazingly, Many Of The People You Meet
Are Not From Mexico — They’re From The
United States and Canada

An interesting side-note to Nancy’s story: If you do decide to go south of the border to take advantage of the incredible dental-care values, you’ll be in for a REAL SHOCKER…

Mexico Dental Costs and Mexican Dentists RatesYou’ll probably be surprised by the fact that the people you will meet in the waiting rooms are almost always NOT Hispanic!

You’ll visit with “snow-birds” from Washington and Oregon, part-time Canadian residents, and Californians and Arizonans just down for the day.

So you see… you don’t have to live in Mexico to save money. Americans and Canadians go there all the time. Some fly in. Others drive in.

Regardless, they’re all taking advantage of the incredible prices for prescriptions, dental work, medical care, eye-care, and more.

Retired or not… it doesn’t matter! It’s certainly not mandatory that you are a retiree in order to appreciate all the money you can save by going to Mexico.

In fact our sons (who live in the U.S.) go to Mexico for their dental and optical prescription needs all the time. (My oldest son just bought a pair of rimless designer glasses for $34.00 (tax included). The same pair of glasses would have cost him $300 in The States.)

And while he was across the border, he bought three HUGE 10-gallon, hand-crafted landscaping flowerpots for just $15.00 each (similar mass-produced pots are going for $60.00 EACH at Home Depot® right now.)

If You Don’t Want to Move To Mexico,
There Are More Ways You Can Save Money

Hopefully, you don’t need ten-thousand dollars worth of dental work like my friend Nancy. Maybe your interest in Mexico has nothing to do with affordable quality healthcare…

Mexico Eye ExaminationHeck, maybe you’re years away from retirement. Maybe you’re just looking for an inexpensive place to take a family vacation once or twice a year. You could even invest in a property that you could vacation in now… and retire to later…

That’s good thinking, too!!!

But why not combine that family vacation with a dental checkup and a cleaning for yourself and the whole family? After all, you’re supposed to get a check-up two-times a year, right?

You don’t have to have a big family to realize enormous savings. A typical cleaning goes for just $15.00 to $25.00. Compare that to your local U.S. dentist.

And if you DO have a big family, you’ll save enough to have paid for your entire vacation. If anybody needs a new pair of glasses (or contacts) get all that done while you’re there, too, and you’ll save even more money.

For Vacation… or For Retirement…
or For Saving Money… Here’s Your First Step:

While my first book, Retire Abroad In Luxury, focused on Mexico as a retirement destination, a place for senior citizens and also people in their 30’s and 40’s to enjoy a better standard of living for less than they’re paying now, my latest book Money Saving Mexico , focuses on Mexico as a place for anyone wanting to save money…

In Money Saving Mexico , you’ll gain knowledge that everyone (not just retirees) should have under their belt before visiting Mexico. You’ll learn everything you need to know to get started — including:

  • Homeland Security & traveling abroad.
  • Obtaining your passports and visa.
  • Making a quick trip to a border town.
  • Special considerations for your car.
  • Mexico’s state-owned gas stations.
  • Driving on Mexico’s “fee” highways.
  • Flying to Mexico (& what not to wear!)
  • MX Customs & armed checkpoints.
  • Avoiding tourist traps and panhandlers.
  • Behavior, manners & communicating.
  • Common words and pronunciations.
  • Who to connect with for real estate.
  • Bargaining for gifts & souvenirs.
  • How to choose a qualified dentist.
  • Getting your prescriptions filled.
  • Cosmetic surgery.
  • Eyeglasses, Contacts, Examinations.
  • Toll-roads versus free roads.
  • Mexico car rental companies.
  • The water. Is it safe to drink?
  • Spending your time wisely.
  • Internet and email communications.
  • Things to do & see when you visit.
  • Why Mazatlan and why I like it.

You’ll learn about all these things and more. Personally, I don’t know of anyone who just moved to Mexico “on the fly” without first visiting and doing a little prospective sight-seeing. That means getting organized before you cross the border and making sure you know what to expect AND what to do when you get there, so you use your time wisely.

Mexico RetirementAnd remember: While you’re taking in the sights and sounds of Mexico now is the time to take advantage of the economic benefits.

I know… I know. Not many people go to the dentist while on vacation, but heck… now is the time to do it!

Likewise if you need an extra pair of glasses (or prescription sunglasses), or if it’s been a while since you’ve had your last eye-examination, get that done, too… why not? You’ll save so much money!

Need your prescriptions refilled? Go for it! Make your vacation pay for itself — that’s what Money Saving Mexico is all about. We all want to live better, and that means saving money. Why throw it away? Take all that money you’re saving and treat yourself right…

And you’ll also want to pick up a few souvenirs, too. If you like arts, crafts, pottery, decorative carpets and the like, you’ll be in heaven! Just a tip: Never accept the asking price; haggle a little. Be polite about it of course, but remember that handcrafted items are marked-up with the EXPECTATION that you’re going to negotiate a little.

One final thought about shopping in Mexico: Be sure to bring a BIG suitcase with extra space — so you don’t have any regrets! You’ll be amazed at the bargains!!

“That Sounds Great! What If After I Visit I Decide I Want To Live There?”

Then you’ll be in good company! You’ll be joining over 1 million people like yourself (roughly 50% Americans/Canadians and 50% Europeans) who have made Mexico their home. Now let’s make it yours, too. Let’s find you a place to live! Mexico Real Estate AmericansThe first question that many people have is, “Can I legally own real estate in Mexico?” The answer is a resounding “YES, YOU CAN!”

Whether you decide to build a new house or buy an existing one, you’ll immediately benefit from tremendously lower property taxes and utility bills.

Mexican real estate transactions are not carried out in the same manner as United States real estate transactions, but it’s not all that dissimilar either.

In both cases, you’ll use banks, legal professionals, and contracts to secure your Mexico home ownership beyond any shadow of a doubt. The secret it to use qualified professionals who have experience and established reputations.

In Money Saving Mexico , I’ll put you in touch with the people you need to know to secure a place of your own, too

You’ll Learn More Than Just How To Buy Real Estate In Mexico…

You’ll learn how to live there. Not only will you learn how to choose and secure a home that’s just right for your budget, Money Saving Mexico will also teach you about:

• Getting Social Security checks in Mexico.• American/Canadian social clubs.

• Immigration Fees and Taxes

• Buying real estate with a “fideocomiso”

• Health insurance in Mexico.

• Sample medical/hospital costs/expenses.

• What you’ll pay for groceries.

• Working and starting a business in Mexico.

• Inspecting real estate. Things to look for.

• The best hospital outside of Mexico City.

• Taking your car with you, and:

• Buying a used car — if you need one.

• Taking your household goods with you.

• Connecting with your friends and family.

• Qualifying for Mexico’s social security.

• Getting your FM-3 Resident status.• Mexico’s consumer protection law.

• Prices on utilities, water, electricity.

• Social clubs, Rotary, Lion’s Club, etc.

• Sample real estate prices and models.

• Establishing your telephone service.

• Typical real estate closing costs.

• My our experience with identity theft.

• SkyMed, Medevac, & Air Ambulances

• Getting married in Mexico.

• Pros and cons of “border towns”.

• Secure Internet connections.

• Organizing your finances.

• Protecting yourself against fraud.

• Immigration fees and paperwork.

More Than A Million American, Canadians,
and Europeans Have Paved The Way FOR YOU

Mexico has it all… Pleasant weather, an idyllic lifestyle, and the extremely favorable economic climate. It’s attracting people from all around the world who are looking for a place to live, work, and retire. Now it’s your turn to start living the “good life” with less money. mexico-moving-companiesThese are the years that you should be enjoying your life. This isn’t the time to be paralyzed because you think you can’t afford it. You CAN afford it.

My latest book, Money Saving Mexico , shows you how… and it’s easier than you might think. You’ll benefit from more than three year’s worth of truly excellent questions and answers that were generated in response to my first book, Retire Abroad In Luxury.

Many of the topics that have appeared in my color monthly newsletters have been elaborated on in greater detail and depth. There’s also a tremendous amount of new information that isn’t available anywhere else.

It’s Simple, Easy, Fun-To-Read,
And Must-Have Information Everyone Needs To Know

If you’ve downloaded Internet books in the past, you’re going to be in for a pleasant surprise! Money Saving Mexico reads just like a magazine, but it’s got a personal touch.

It’s tightly-edited, fun-to-read and packed with my own Mexico photographs, so you’ll get a glimpse of what’s in store for you.

And, if you’re new to downloadable “e-books”, don’t fret. Money Saving Mexico is also incredibly easy to read.

A note for my fellow seniors: This is one book you probably WON’T need your reading glasses for! The beauty of Money Saving Mexico is that you can increase the size of the print to make it easy to read.

And again, if you have a problem or need help, just email me. Yup! I’m here to help you in more ways than one…

My own retirement has become, in part, a 7-day-a-week dedication to helping others see the pros and cons of living in Mexico. In fact, if you have a question that isn’t answered in one of my books, just ask me and I will do my best to find the answer for you.

More and More People Are Saving Money
and Living “Happily Ever After” In Mexico!

How To Retire Mexico Now what about you? Are you ready to start enjoying a lower cost-of-living, superb health care, breath-taking scenery, and a less stressful way-of-life that permeates your soul? Money Saving Mexico shows you the way to a better life, the life every human being deserves… the life that’s a reality for more than 1 million Americans, Canadians, and Europeans living in Mexico — RIGHT NOW, TODAY. Money Saving Mexico delivers the knowledge you need to live a life of abundance and prosperity starting right now. And as I teach you, you don’t have to live in Mexico to capture these tremendous life-enhancing benefits.

Every year, 7 million North Americans cross the border to vacation, to visit, to shop, and get the things that would be impossible for them to get anywhere else — because it used to be too expensive.

But not any more. It can be the same for you.

To be true to its name, Money Saving Mexico is also priced to be bargain. Why put it off when anyone can enjoy a life of abundance with luxuries and amenities that would ordinarily be priced out of your reach?

YES, you can have it all … without skimping… without sacrificing… without just getting by…

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YES! I want Money Saving Mexico. Show me how I can enjoy a higher standard of living, increase the quality of my life and start saving money today.What’s the best way to do it? Is it safe? How do I buy property? Most importantly: How can I lower my cost of living and get all the benefits that Mexico has to offer… even if I don’t want to live there? These questions and more are answered for me in Money Saving Mexico!


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