Cinco de Mayo

How about a little bit of Mexican history now.

I find this particularly interesting because our United States is tied so closely with this bit of history: Cinco de Mayo is celebrated because, although Mexico had declared their independence from Spain in 1810, fifty two years later, in 1862, French, Spanish and English troops landed in Mexico on the pretext of collecting Mexican debts from the newly elected government of democratic President, Benito Juarez. Deals were quickly made with the English and Spanish, but the French had come to stay. Maximilian, a Hapsburg prince, had come with Napoleon III’s blessing to rule the new Mexican empire.

There are statues all over.Napoleon III’s army had been undefeated in 50 years and was not afraid of anyone, especially the United States, since we were busy with our own Civil War.

There ensued a battle, May 5, 1862, where 4,000 Mexican soldiers were victorious over the French and traitorous Mexican army of 8,000 at Puebla, Mexico, one hundred miles east of Mexico City. When it was over, the Mexicans had won a great victory that kept Napoleon III from supplying the southern confederate rebels with supplies and equipment for another year, which allowed our northern states to build their army that, just 14 months later, were victorious at Gettysburg , basically ending the Civil War. The Union forces then went to the Texas/Mexican border under Sheridan, and made sure that the Mexicans got all the weapons and ammo they needed to expel the French. Ever since a great celebration on May 5th is held, celebrating freedom and liberty .

I guess maybe the U.S. should celebrate Cinco de Mayo too.  If not for this action in Mexico, the South may have won the Civil War – now that’s an interesting situation to contemplate!

The months of the year, in Spanish:

Enero, January

Febrero, February

Marzo, March

Abril, April

Mayo, May

Junio, June

Julio, July

Agosto, August

Septiembre, September

Octubre, October

Noviembre, November

Diciembre, December

and, 5 is cinco – ergo, cinco de Mayo.


From Joe,  To Barbara

” I would bring every creature comfort that you can’t live without because the quality you will find here is sometimes not as good . We brought packaged food, marinades, oriental goods that are our favorites as we can’t get them here. We are going back for more like BIG plastic fans, dehumidifier, plastic water jug with  a spout for water, lemon juice, limeade and many simple  things that you can’t get here. “ (Dick and I found these items readily available at the Sam’s store in Mazatlan and other places – of course, we’re really good at shopping – thanks to my Mother and Daddy – they taught us both the value of a penny!

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