Suggestions, please?

Ever since my term as the Lady’s Club President was over, I finally have more time to myself! I bet you know that feeling.

Since that time, I’ve written many, many articles… they’re sitting on my desktop, just waiting to be published. So I thought: “Why not make another website?!” My second thought was: I need your help!

The new site that I’m thinking about creating would still be about retirement, and planning for that important time in our lives, but, this site would center more on the people who want or must stay (For whatever reason) in the United States for their retirement years.

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I have always said it takes a special type of a person just to consider heading to a foreign country during your mature years, but, it also takes a very tenacious, stable-type of person to be determined enough to try to make their limited budget spread enough to stay in the states once you are into retirement mode!

So, my plans are to continue with this site, my original Mexico-possibility site, of course, but, also add another site – haven’t decided on a name for that one yet, but, I hope to figure that out soon, and as soon as I do, I’ll let you all know what it is.

I feel I can still fill both sites with the money-saving possibilities that I’ve done for years, while also continuing to give you all the specific important information absolutely everyone needs to plan for a successful and happy retirement – no matter where your particular chariot carries you.

I do hope to get input from a lot of you, and maybe, if you feel like it, you could let me know what you think would be helpful for me to include in the new site.

Please tell me what you think…

I need your help. I want to make sure your time spent with me is productive and enjoyable. What topics are the most important to you?

* What do you enjoy reading about?

* Are you currently retired?

* If so, how are you spending your retirement time?

* Or, if you have not retired yet, what are your current objectives and hopes?

* What’s most important to you right now and what are the areas you are most concerned about?

Do share your thoughts – you know we’re all in the same basic bucket, but, whether our particular bucket is prepared to get us to where we hope to be in the end, is another thing!

And don’t worry!  I will of course continue to write about Mexico retirement to the very best of my ability.  It is such a very important topic to so many people simply because it offers such an attractive alternative, as well as a very possible logical economic alternative to main stream retirement possibilities.

I really want to hear from you, and I really appreciate you for taking your time to let me know what’s important to you.  I want you to share your thoughts with me and other readers on my blog. You can comment using the form below or find me on Facebook at:

Very best regards,


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  1. Barbie


    December 22, 2012 at 11:01 pm

    Hi Dan – I always advise no traveling after dark in Mexico. Best to you.

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