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Fuel for your vehicle in Mexico

By now, most of you are probably convinced you really can live for less in Mexico.  Here’s a little more info just to bolster those who already are leaning toward having more in Mexico and maybe to confirm to those who have make the decision to head south of the border that they’ve made the right choice.

vehicle fuel

PEMEX station

Gasoline, fuel, petrol…whatever you call it, when you convert gallons to liters, you’ll find it is now cheaper in Mexico.  Exception is that on the border, prices are going to be higher.  So, tank up before you cross the border, and hang on until you pass those border areas – then tank up again.

The gasoline station where you’re going to buy fuel to put in your car is owned and run by the Mexican government.  Price controls dictate what you’re going to pay.  Pemex stations are easy to recognize, with their Kelly green color with red trim and white lettering (colors of the Mexican flag), and the signs will say “PEMEX”.

You will find three types of fuel available –

Regular unleaded, called Magna; Premium unleaded, called Magna Premium; and usually Diesel.  The stations do not take credit cards, so have your pesos ready.

vehicle fuel

Truck traffic

Other than in the larger cities, you will not find the quantity of gas stations you are probably used to – in Mexico, you are not going to find one on every corner.  So, do keep an eye on your fuel gauge – it’s best to get gas when you see a station – or at least, when your gauge goes below 1/3 full.  Oh – and you won’t be pumping your own gas – let the attendant handle that – after you have made sure the pump has been cleared of any prior balance.  Then, you’ll want to give the attendant a peso or two as a tip – he’ll most likely clean your windshield too – it’s someone else cleans it, give them a peso too – no more – remember the minimum DAILY wage in Mexico is approximately $5 US dollars = 50 peso.  So, don’t try to ruin the economy – tip one peso.

You will probably find a bit lower fuel prices in Sonora (runs from the border down the Sea of Cortez coast), the Baja (possibly because of all the tourists), Quintana Roo (Just north of Belize on the Yucatan Peninsula), and Mexico City (maybe Sam had it right – quantity over quality?).  Just a hint – truckers usually know where to get gas – so, pulling in behind a truck at a station may be a good idea.

Liquid measures:  1 litre = 0.264172052 US gallons     ergo…     1 US gallon = 3.785 litres.

Fuel Article by Barbie.

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