Back To The Dentist for the Holidays

Hello Everyone, First of all, Happy Holidays to you all!  And if you don’t celebrate Holidays of any kind, then, Happy Season of the Year to you!

I’m so looking forward to having our Christmas tree up and lighted, all the little Christmas decorations that were lovingly put away just about a year ago displayed again, I’m feeling good about the season.  Well, actually our two trees – remember our little love tree that our boys surprised us with?2011 Xmas tree with lights

The fact that I’m really looking forward to the season is sort of strange, because it seems as though it was only yesterday that it was July and whispers of Christmas were going here and there “Can you believe it’s only … days until Christmas?”, etc., and that put a twinge in my tummy – maybe because I just could not believe how fast time was passing!

So, I have barely started my shopping, but that’s alright, because when our sons were young, I shopped all year to make sure the tree was laden with hundreds of gifts for them to tumble into and unwrap.  I loved those years, but now, a nicely wrapped little box full of some sparkly substance and filled with cash makes them all pretty happy.

“Christmas is for Kids” seems so true.  The joy and happiness on those little faces on Christmas morning will last in my memory until I take my final breath.

Even with Thanksgiving on the threshold, dental problems snuck up on the Parks family.  I had been having sort of uncomfortable feeling in a bridge, so off to Mexico Dick and I went.

After a couple of X-rays, it was discovered that I needed 2 – yep, not just one, but 2 root canals.  Of course that meant involving a couple of my caps, so I took a deep breath and said, “Get it done”.ac6cf898-e078-4219-90ce-e738b756f060

That day, I had 2 root canals, 3 posts, because a couple of the teeth involved a bridge, 4 crowns, Dick had a cleaning and 5 small fillings and the total was $1,600!  Excellent prices again.  The root canals were easy, and Gator called in an expert to perform that task.  Then, the posts, the fitting and molding for the caps, etc. proceeded. Hopefully, I’m done for a while.  By the way, the root canals were a breeze. I’ve had many of them.

Dick had them X-ray – no cost – his left jaw and they found a wisdom tooth was impacted, plus, it had been filled and now the decay was proceeding ever so near the nerve – so, we knew another trip was in our near future to get that taken care of.cce9eb6a-6082-4648-9176-3cee0e1fc31c

Dick and I had checked in at the Indian Casino just outside of Algodones, and were prepared to stay the night, so that we could make sure the caps that were to be put on the next day had good bites.

Everything went well.  But, as we were heading down the street, heading for the border, I heard a somewhat familiar voice call “Barbara”… at first my tendency was just to keep walking, but my curiosity got the best of me and I looked behind me to see a familiar Mexican face, Leo.   Leo is one of the guys who are sort of hawkers, handing out cards of the different dentist, opticians, drug stores, etc.  We became acquainted with him because he had worked for Gator for some time, and any information we needed about where to go in Algodones, he was there.  Our sons have played pool with him and had a few drinks with him on their trips to the dentist, over the years.2013, Algodones, Nov,leo and shoe shine

So, I threw up my hand and walked back toward Leo.  He had been hired by another dentist there and he wanted us to come see the office.  We had lots of time, so we followed him the short distance and met his new employer, Dr. Eloisa Diaz.  A lovely young lady dentist.  We asked her prices, and as they were very comparable to Gator, Dick decided he might try her for the wisdom tooth problem. As I’m sure my readers know, we’ve tried many dentists in Algodones, and found them to be just fine.

So, in just a couple of weeks, we decided we again were ready to make the trip to Algodones.2013, Algodones, Nov,Our new lady Dentist  I called Dr. Diaz and made an appointment and called for reservations at the casino, expecting to at least stay one night, and possibly two, depending on how Dick withstood the extraction.  Dick started taking antibiotics a few days before we went, and continued them for about a week.

Dr. Diaz had arranged for a surgeon to come in to do the extraction, but, after he had been sitting in the chair 15 minutes, no surgeon showed up.  So, Dr. Diaz took it upon herself to extract the troublesome tooth.  It went amazingly well.  She showed me all the pieces to make sure everything had come out – and it looked good to me.  She gave us some instructions, and with a cotton wad in his mouth, and extras in his pocket, we headed back to the casino so Dick could lie down and rest.2013, Algodones, Nov, Dick with lady Dentist

Of course, being my husband, he needed ½ hour of rest, and then he was hungry.  I had packed some Ensure and chilled them with ice when we had checked into the casino, figuring Dick wouldn’t be chewing anything.  Well, Dick loved the Ensure – good chocolate milk!  And then he felt good enough to head to the casino for the evening.

After just a little while, Dick, hungry again, decided he’d try some soup in the restaurant there. “Best cream of potato soup I ever had” was his response to his choice.  I had their prime rib special $9.99 and delicious.  Then, back to the casino and an early bed time.  Dick had no problem, and I kept insisting he use the ice packs I also brought.

By morning, Dick was ready to head home – well, of course, after having a nice breakfast.  We decided on Golden Coral in Yuma, because he could choose easy to eat things – which included – now get this – bacon, eggs, fruit and sweet rolls, fruit juice and coffee.  He was feeling so good!  Thank goodness!  I drove most of the way home, and Dick was still feeling good – keeping the ice on his jaw.

It’s now been over a week, and everything is going great!  We do need to head to Algodones again soon, because the tooth the wisdom tooth was impacted under needs to be checked.  I think Dick will choose to see Dr. Diaz again.  Her office is probably not even 50 foot inside the border.

2013, Algodones, Nov, Gator OfficeGator is very handy too, but, I guess I just want you all to know you do have many choices.

I spoke to a couple who were down from British Colombia getting their teeth worked on too – Canadian insurance is not so great, believe me.  So many Canadians come to Algodones!  This couple has a home in both areas – Canada – really near Alaska, and in the foothills of Yuma.  And they choose to head into Mexico for drugs and tooth care.  This couple knew Leo, too – hugs went all around.2013, Algodones, visitors and natives

Oh – Dick’s extraction was under $250.

Let’s see, I started with the holidays, segued into dentistry in Mexico, and now, I want to end with wishing all of you a very happy Thanksgiving – I hope you have family to gather with, or a friend, or just your partner – make the day a good one, whatever.  Each day is becoming more and more precious – make the most of each one and make new memories to tuck away for when you need a good warm feeling.

I remain, your friend, Barbie

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9 Responses to Back To The Dentist for the Holidays

  1. Linda

    February 23, 2015 at 8:14 pm

    Hi Barbie, I am going to go down to Mexico in April to see the dentist. I’d like to know if you an give me a few names and places where I can go. I’d like to find a good dentist, I have a lot work that needs to be done on my teeth and so I would need to know how long of a stay to plan on.
    Thank you again, I love hearing from you and all the great advice you have.
    Linda Thompson

  2. Barbie


    March 6, 2015 at 11:29 am

    In Algodones – Yuma, AZ area – Rubio Dental Clinic. There are probably over 100 dentists there – you can just walk into the offices – lined on the streets, ask how much for whatever and decide when you are there. But, Rubio has a very good reputation.

  3. Sharon

    March 30, 2015 at 8:00 pm

    Oh dear, just saw this. We have appointments at Sani Dental in Algodones for April. Now I’m wondering if We should cancel and go to Rubio. Please advise. Also we plan to stay in Hacienda Los Algodones. would it be better if we stayed in Yuma? Thanks Barbie.

  4. Linda

    March 30, 2015 at 10:43 pm

    Thank you for the response. I have done some research and have spoken to a few dentists. They seem very excited to do the work that I need. I did choose one of the dentists I spoke to. I am flying into Yuma and I will be staying there for two days and then to the dentist. After that I’m going to rent a car and do some checking on a place to live.

    Linda Thompson

  5. Sharon

    March 31, 2015 at 1:26 am

    Barbie, I feel I gave out too much personal, where we are going and where we are staying and my name. Maybe that is a safety issue and you shouldn’t put it on the computer. Can’t be too careful. Don’t know what someone could do with that info. Maybe I’m just being goofy. Could you just email me personally and not publish it or leave out the name of the dentist and hotel. Whatever you think.
    Thanks Barbie.

  6. Barbie


    April 17, 2015 at 8:16 pm

    Sharon – I’m sure you will be happy with Sani. I would stay in Yuma. Barbie

  7. Barbie


    April 17, 2015 at 8:16 pm

    Good for you! Enjoy!

  8. Barbie


    April 17, 2015 at 8:17 pm

    I’ve reread – don’t think you need to worry.

  9. Sharon

    April 18, 2015 at 10:00 am

    Hi Barbie,
    Went to Sani Dental. Back home now and very happy. Thank you so much for being there and all your info. Husband said he was way out of his comfort zone, but after our experience would go back or recommend Mexico. He was very leery, while I did all the research. We stayed in Mexico at Los Hacienda 4 nights paid by Sani, they have promotions. Then 3 nights in Yuma with a rental car. Toured the old Yuma prison and camel farm. We drove around a lot and looked at the farm fields. Amazing. We felt very safe all throughout the experience. Yet were always on the lookout. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Mickey & Sharon

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