Dentistry in Algodones, Mexico

Another Story About Mexican Dentists for My Readers to Enjoy:

Dick and I traveled to Algodones, Mexico, a little while ago because Dick had chipped one of his teeth and though he had no pain, he wanted it fixed.  So one day we decided we needed a break from the daily grind and decided to head to Algodones.  I checked our prescription supply before we headed out.  (The picture shows the water towers I always talk about to watch for where you can turn off and get cheap gas and have a break just before heading from the States into Mexico, at Yuma, Arizona.)

An easy trip, and an easy entry into Mexico – yes, I remembered to carry our passports this time – and we were in Algodones.

We decided we would try a different dentist this time, and so we stopped in a little office very near the border.  The receptionist said they could take have Dick in a chair in about 15 minutes.  So we took our IPods out, started our favorite music, and sat down to wait until it was our turn.

Algodones dentist oct 013This was on a Tuesday, and there were not very many tourists on the streets this day and we, along with one other couple were the only ones in the reception room.

Of course, after only a couple of minutes, I introduced ourselves to the young couple who were quietly sitting in the chairs lining the walls of Dr. Torres reception room, across the room from us.  Turns out that they had driven down from Bullhead City this morning – early!  They had come down specifically to have a lot of dental work done on the young lady.

She had checked in the States at a dental office before and was told she needed $6,500 worth of work done in her mouth.

She could be a poster gal for the “I never smile anymore because of my teeth” group! Poor thing! She covered her mouth every time she spoke.

This couple had 3 young kids and had tried to swing the savings to have her teeth fixed constantly in recent years. But, every time they had the money scraped up and saved up, the kids needed something…we all know that situation!

Thankfully someone had acquainted them with the dental possibilities in Mexico and so, here they were today. They finally got to Mexico and to the Dentist with the money they needed – no emergencies had come up this time with the children!

The husband reported: “So, this morning I got her up early and said “pack a bag”, we’re heading to Algodones, ‘cause I have the money for your teeth, right now!”  They had a Grandma who lived near them come straight over to care for the children and they headed south.

A happier young lady, I haven’t seen for a long time! She was – behind her hand that was brought to her face each time she spoke – smiling from ear to ear with the prospect of actually having teeth she wasn’t ashamed of. The work that she needed done this day was really major – total extraction of all the teeth left in her mouth… and then full plates. She was having it all done for $900 in Torres office.

She was happily looking forward to having a family picture taken with her kids – after she got her teeth done – for the first time ever! Oh – and she was also looking forward to eating solid food – something she has not been able to do for several years!

Dick got his tooth repaired and in no time, we were wishing the young couple the best of luck with everything in their lives and with hugs all around, we said goodbye.

That night as Dick and I lay in bed, we both sent our best thoughts to this lovely young lady, and hoped that the pain she was going to experience was something she could easily endure.  Thank goodness for Mexican Dentists!

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