Dentists and Insurance

First, about dentists:

I recently recevied a question about getting dental work done in Mexico. Yes, indeed. It is the place to go. You can save a lot of money even if you have to fly to Arizona and then drive. Let me explain.

Dick and I go to Algodones – that is just past Yuma, Arizona.

In one of my newsletters, I tell of Dick being told he needed $11,000 worth of dental work at a “clinic” in the States. His teeth are strong and beautiful – always have been.  Went to Algodones and he had a cleaning, xrays, etc. – no problems at all – and I think we paid $50 total.

So, I will give you the phone numbers of just a couple of places I feel confident in – I’m sure most the dentists in Algodones are just as good, but I have had personal experience with these, and have sent sooo many people to them:

The first one and I have gone to them several times and I had my two implants done at and lots of other work is Gator Dental Group, 2da Internacional/Callej.Alamo, Los Algodones, B.C., Mexico 928-377-4562 & 760 604 2248. And they are also within about 2 ½ blocks from the border.

Another is Torres Dental Office – they speak English in here quite well, 928 227 1059, [email protected], and you find them, by walking straight into Mexico, keeping the purple pharmacy to your left, cross the street right in front of you, go up the little ramp- the furthest on your right (there are a couple of them) and go straight ahead into the courtyard of several offices.  Torres is on your right – says Torres right on the office. 

used Algodones dentist oct 008Another, which you will have less “culture shock” at, but they charge a more than my pink dentist and Gator Group, is:  Dr. Carlos Rubio Clinic (they have about 20 dentists here)  Av. “a” No. 139, Los Algodones, B.C.  Tele:  011 52 658 517 78 49.

So – there are many choices – we originally just went up and down the streets and stopped in the offices (there are many, many!) and got prices – any dentist down there expects you to ask, so don’t feel strange just walking in and asking… what’s the price for…. whatever.

My guess is you can have a great trip to Yuma, then head to Algodones, get your dental work done, pick up some souvenirs, head home, and still save a bundle of money.

You will probably want to stay in Yuma, Arizona.  (You may want to fly into Phoenix and rent a car.  Phoenix is about 3 1/2 hours from Yuma.) You may want to drive since you’re in Texas.  But, plan on staying in Yuma – there is a very nice Super 8, 1688 S Riley Ave, Yuma, AZ 85365, 928) 782-2000 that you would feel comfortable in, and there is also a…think it’s a Comfort Inn there…both reasonable the last time I checked.  And there’s a Motel 6:   at US 95/16th Street Exit #2, 1445 E 16th Street, Yuma, AZ  (928) 782-9521.  There is now a Casino, on the highway, just as you turn off for Algodones, from Yuma – we enjoy staying there. Do research the best deals for Yuma area on the internet, of course and ask for that senior discount!

Algodones is less than 1/2 hour past Yuma.  It is very easy to go across into Mexico there.  You must have your passport to get back in to the States.

You will head towards Algodones – follow the signs – park in the Indian parking lot – it’s $5. a day, and the only choice, and then, you just walk down some steps, walk about 100 more feet, cross the border, and you’re in Mexico.

Oh – take a bottle of water with you.  Don’t drink Algodones water – and don’t have a drink with crushed ice or any ice in it – be careful – you don’t want a tummy ache.

The dentists usually expect cash. Oh – almost forgot to say, a lot of the dentists accept American dental insurance. Make sure your purse is securely held.  You will feel perfectly safe, but, we are careful everywhere.

Best of luck to you. Barbie”

Addendum:  Price list – and I’m afraid I gave a friend the very last one I picked up – this may be a year old or so – and prices continue to raise –so, from different receipts and my notes that I found:   root canal 250., x.ray 10., extraction  30., white filling 40., porcelain crown 160., porcelain dentures 350.00, acrylic dentures 300., cleaning 20.  That’s U.S. dollars. I got a – what I call a parcial – for bottom, rear teeth – two on one side, 3 on the other – flexible  – and it was 320.00 – total.  Same day, Dick had 3 fillings and his were total $120.  Dick got 2 porcelain crowns and had his teeth cleaned for a total of 340.

Addendum: 11/14/2012 – Take your insurance form – the dentists will fill them out, sign them, then it’s up to you – usually – to mail them to whomever your insurance is with.  Most dentists will do this. 

And, couple of more prices – for Dick, Nov. 5, 2012, he had two crowns and one filling – total was $335.  Richard, eldest son, same day, had a 5 tooth bridge – beautifully finished – $500.  Plus a $25 cleaning. 

I talked with a young couple in Torres office, and I’m going to write an article on them – amazing – make sure you read it too!

Now, just a bit on Insurance:

“Hi L, I’m afraid, that as of now, Medicare is not accepted in Mexico.

There are a few “special” cases – emergency mostly, that have been granted – but I sure wouldn’t count on that.  Health care in Mexico can be superb – depends on where you choose.  If you read my book, you’ll find that Dick and I were not comfortable with what we found.  But, a lot of people think National Health care (that anyone can get) in Mexico is wonderful. (It is extremely affordable. You can also choose private insurance in Mexico, but with your liver problem – doubtful that you would be accepted. We visited the hospital where we had chosen to live.  You should visit Mexico, talk with the Hospital’s Administrator and decide yourself.  It’s a big step.  Best to you, Barbie”


“Dear G, Just a short (I’ll try, really I will) note:

Dick retired at 62 – I’m 4 years younger than he.  We understand completely the fear of the medical costs – we had to pay out just over $800/month in the states for me until I got to 65… made that birthday worth celebrating.  In my book, Retire In Luxury – available as an e-book from this site – ,and available for electronic readers at – ,we tell my readers that because of Dick’s health situation, we couldn’t move to Maz. That situation has changed now, and we would be able to get proper insurance and care now. There are heart specialists now at Sharp Hospital.  When we were searching, there were none.  But, now, we are so very happy where we are, and still able to get south any time we want or need, that we have the best of both worlds.”

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4 Responses to Dentists and Insurance


    October 8, 2012 at 7:55 am

    Barbie, THANK YOU!

  2. larry gorski

    October 8, 2012 at 7:57 am

    We go to Tequisquiapan QTO for ours. We have gotten to know people there and my last visit was quoted as a little over $5,000 here. My cost including round trip air for 2, food, local transport, and 1 1/2 months rent was $4,000 plus seeing friends again.

  3. Audra

    October 8, 2012 at 2:21 pm

    Great article!!!! Would you be able to find out what the cost of denture implants are and possibly how long a stay that would be?? Thanks Love your site!!

  4. Barbie


    November 6, 2012 at 11:39 pm

    Hi Audra. Read it here: Thanks :) Barbie

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