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It is shocking how much a trip to the dentist costs in the U.S.A.. But good dental care doesn’t have to cost a fortune… 

When Dick and I go to the dentist, we almost always choose to go to a little town called Algodones – just south of Yuma, Arizona.  Nogales, just south of Tucson, Arizona, is also a good choice.  But your choices are varied – Nogales, Juarez, Tijuana, Nuevo Progreso, etc.

When we first made our monumental decision to try out a “Mexican Dentist”, we were really a bit hesitant …would they be able to understand us …how do we get an appointment …are they really dentists …how would the cleanliness be …are they up to date …can they do x-rays…so many questions and all so quickly answered on our first trip! We had been satisfied with most “American dentists” … especially when we had dental insurance, paid for by Dick’s employers!

Quite a difference to be asked to cough up $9000 for one implant now! Or $1200 for a root canal and cap – good grief – on retirement income, that’s really just prohibitive  … solution:  just have all the teeth pulled and eat rolled oats for the rest of your life… I don’t think so!  

First of all – the dentist offices do have telephones…

… and 99 times out of 100, all you have to do when they answer is to say “English, Please” , or ‘English, por favor” and the phone will be handed over to someone who can speak English. Tell them you need an appointment and they will set you up – some just say no appointment necessary – and they really mean it. I don’t know how they do it, but you don’t have to wait all that long if you’re a walk-in!  In my book, Retire in Luxury, I have the exact process of making a phone call to Mexico.


One of many monuments in Mazatlan

Now, presumably, you have made your appointment.

You may need to be away from home, depending on where you live, for a couple of days. Believe it or not, you can pay for your traveling expenses, pay the dentist and still save!

And if you’re frugal like the Parks are proud to be – well, you’ll just be amazed at the savings!

You’ll probably also be amazed by the fact that the people you will meet in the waiting rooms are almost always NOT Hispanic!  You’ll visit with snow-birds from Washington and Oregon, part-time Canadian residents, Nevada residents, and Arizonans and Californians just down for the day!

So, off to a border town – or if you’re lucky enough to actually live south of the border – just relax and ask your neighbors where they go.  Since most of you are still considering moving to Mexico for your retirement, be sure to order my latest edition of Retire in Luxury, to help with your retirement decision.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the dental situation in Mexico – you won’t feel the least bit strange down here and the price differences are just astonishing!  Just a few sample prices and these are only examples:

Cleaning: $15 to $25
Root Canal $50 to $300
Post: $50 to $150
Porcelain cap: $140 to $350
Cap re-cemented: $30 to $40
Reline: $30 to $40
Bonding: $25 to $50
Extraction: $25 to $100 

So – come on down – you’ll find that you will probably be able to get everything done in one day – they won’t make you come back a dozen times just to finish a process. I know you’ll be glad you go – and, be sure to do a bit of bargaining while you’re there for a colorful clay pot, or maybe a hat… or one of the myriad of handcrafted articles displayed on the streets.

Dentist article by Barbie.

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3 Responses to Mexico Dentists

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  2. Ready To Smile Again

    June 11, 2012 at 3:41 pm

    Would anyone be able to give a approximate price about implants – all upper and panoramic xrays.

    Thank you all.
    I am getting excited about going there.

  3. Barbie


    June 13, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    My Goodness, Yvonne, There are several articles on my site – just put dentist in the search, or, go down and choose dentist under “Things I Write About”. You’ll find lots of prices. Barbie – In fact, I wrote an article – at least one, about my own 2 implants.

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