Mexico & Dentists

Some info compiled for Algodones, Mexico

Signs on the sidewalk proclaiming:

Haircuts: $3.

Flattop $5.

Pedicure $10.00.

Melatonen – was 60 for $4.50 – so, Amazon is cheaper for this sleep-aid.

The dentists usually expect cash…

…at least the first time you use their services – after that, they will probably take a check and probably a credit card.  Oh – almost forgot to say, a lot of the dentists accept American dental insurance – means they have the forms and will sign them – you take care of the rest, including mailing them to your insurance company.

Make sure your purse is securely held, even in Algodones.

You will feel perfectly safe, but, we are careful everywhere.

 Price list

– and I’m afraid I gave a friend the very last printed price list I picked up in Algodones. Prices do continue to rise. So, from different receipts and my notes that I found, in U.S. dollars:

Root canal 250.

X-ray 10.

Extraction 30.

White filling 40.

Porcelain crown 160.

Porcelain dentures 350.

Acrylic dentures 300.

Cleaning 20.

A partial – for bottom rear teeth – two on one side, 3 on the other – flexible – was $320.00 – total.

3 fillings were a total of $120.

2 porcelain crowns and teeth cleaned was a total of $340.

back to the parking lot on the U.S. side

The picture is me, on my scooter, heading up to the parking lot and our car, after just leaving Algodones.

April 2013: Friends of ours sent me this email:

“We went Tues to Dr.Vargas, in Algodones, MX.  I was in the dentist’s chair for 2.5 hours.  She removed crowns filled cavities & made molds of the teeth she is fixing.  We will go back next Wed., so I am not going to bridge Thursday.  Anyway, for 4 crowns, & some other repair work it is costing us $690.  For one crown & 2 cavities the dentist in the States wanted $1375.

“Only trouble was we got to Yuma at 11 & didn’t eat before we went into Mexico.  (When my appointment was over, we ended back in Yuma at the Red Lobster for 30 Shrimp at about 4:45 p.m. By that time I was famished. So our (next) appointment is for 2 so we can eat lunch first.  Thanks for sending us there.  Margy”

Just saw an advertisement in our Sunday paper

– from a Dental Clinic in the Phoenix, AZ area. They offer a new patient special of $35 for an exam and cleaning. They offer dentures that are supported by implants for $3298, cash, which includes 2 implants, including the attachments and dentures. Not too bad! Then, they offer crowns – starting at $499 each, cash. And lastly, their dentures start at $435 each – oh – all of these specials were prefaced with “Starts at”…


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  1. Linda H.

    August 12, 2013 at 1:06 pm

    Thanks for this article. I had an accident that almost destroyed my 4 front teeth. No pun intended, but my husband and I are paying through the teeth and digging deep into our pockets to try to pay for this. Our medical insurance company is squirming around trying not to pay. My husband figured it out….$4000 for repair on 4 teeth. I am fed up! It’s off to Mexico to get this taken care of. Our dentist did a couple of root canals and temporary fillings so far. At least I can smile again, so I have some time to get the caps. We are building a house in Puerto Penasco and there are several dentists our friends go to. So, off I go for cheaper, more affordable dental care. ~Linda~

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