Getting My Retirement Info to You

Sorry for the delay in getting more retirement info to you.

I hope you didn’t think I had forgotten about you, or deserted you – there was quite a space of time just recently,  that I couldn’t get new retirement  information to you!  Sometimes keeping a Website up and working properly is a real pain in the kaboodle.  We’ve changed servers now, and have even changed our email company and so far this month, things are running wonderfully smooth…a great way to start the year!


Getting near Yuma, Arizona – it’s a haven in the winter for people living in the cold north.

 Those of you who received duplicate email from me during that  troubling time, because I was trying to inform you about a new article being available online, were so kind to let me know about the situation so quickly.  There was just a small glitz that eluded us for several days before we found it and could correct it.

                 You all know how computers are – I wrote an article a short time ago about “Computers, Love’em and Hate’em”!

               It truly takes a lot of work on this end to keep the retirement info, financial, medical, locations, and more, coming to you, but I really believe that now, we’re back on track.


The water towers you watch for when you pull off in Yuma to gas up.

It’s important to me to try to keep the information I gather going out to all of you in a timely manner, so you can wisely make one of the most important decisions in your life… where you will end up spending your retirement years, which can either be a most trying time, or a most glorious time of your life… and also giving those who are still looking forward to their retirement years the information they need to have so they are well-prepared when their “time  in the sun” comes.

So, thanks for letting me know when you do get multiples, or any other thing that may pop up and not seem quite right!  You are basically my first line of defense  – a very important part of my site – I thank you.


Going into the U.S., from Mexico, at the Yuma/Andrade border crossing.

I’m including a few pictures of the Yuma area and the border crossing.  They were taken when we were there for the finishing up of my implants.  Enjoy.  Oh – did you know that if you click on the pictures, they get bigger? 


My scooter and me, taking the handicap trail back to the parking lot after just leaving Algodones, Mexico.


  Retirement Article by Barbie.

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2 Responses to Getting My Retirement Info to You

  1. cynstimp

    February 18, 2012 at 11:48 am

    Nice to have you back! I’ve thought for a while about spending a couple of weeks in Merida, to get acquainted with the area.

    Have you any suggestions about where to stay, perhaps someone connected with Int. Liv, who has space for rent?

    Thank you for a terrific website!

  2. Barbie


    February 27, 2012 at 4:04 pm

    Thank you :) Merida – check this article:
    and then, go and enjoy! Sorry, I don’t have a connection there for rentals, etc. though. Barbie

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