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Just a short (I’ll try, really I will) note, in response to an email questioning medical insurance and Medicare in Mexico:

Dick retired at 62 – and I’m 4 years younger than he.  We understand completely the fear of the medical costs in that scary period between leaving work – starting your retirement – and not being really old enough to collect Social Security and the wonderful insurance called Medicare!  Dick and I ended up paying out just over $800/month for health insurance in the states for me for a couple of years –  until I got to 65.  Medicare made that birthday really worth celebrating.

Acapulco, tree, bay into the oceanIn my book, I tell my readers that because of Dick’s health situation, we couldn’t move to Mazatlan.  Well, that situation has changed now, and we would be able to get proper insurance and care in Mexico because now there are heart specialists at Sharp Hospital.

When we were searching, there were none.  And, now, we are so very happy living where we are, and still being able to get to Mexico any time we want, that we feel that we have the best of both worlds.

The National Health Insurance in Mexico is available to almost everyone – as I say in my book, because of his heart history, Dick was NOT approved when we first applied in Mazatlan.  But, there is private insurance available in Mexico…and some of those are very reasonable and can give you excellent health care services in Mexico – they can be superb. A lot of people of retirees think National Health care (that anyone can get) in Mexico is wonderful, too.69 Acapulco street corner, tacos & tacos

But, make sure you understand – Medicare is not available in Mexico…other than a few rare instances… that’s covered in one of my articles on this site.  But, do not count on Medicare if you are planning your retirement in Mexico.

Keep doing your researching! Everyone is so individual in their needs and their wants – as it should be.  I’m sure with research and time, you’ll find an answer for your wonderful retirement years that will suit you and hubby to a “T”.  Do make a firm commitment now to read through all the free articles I offer here on this site.  You’ll be glad you did… keep pencil and paper handy and make notes of anything you are not sure of – make sure you eventually find answers to all your questions.  Best to you and keep in touch.

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