Mexico National Health Care System, IMSS

A Short Primer On HealthCare in Mexico…



Program –


1. Available in most major cities.

2. Takes about 6 to 9 months for coverage to be activated after acceptance. Once accepted, you are a life member as long as premiums are paid.

3. At IMSS clinics you do not have a choice of physicians. 

Available in Mexico:

1. Small clinics with general practitioner who is qualified to handle minor illnesses and injuries.

2. Small hospitals with surgeons, internists and pediatricians.

3. Large intensive-care facilities with various specialists.

The general requirements for joining the IMSS Healthcare program are:

 1. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire, with the assistance of a doctor.

2. Submit to a basic medical examination which includes checking your blood pressure and listening to your heart. Other tests may be requested. The cost of the health care coverage is approximately $250.00 U.S. per year. You may apply only in January, February, July and August.  This program is open to all foreigners regardless of nationality and/or immigration status.

If you are accepted, IMSS covers only minor illness, such as colds etc., and nothing involving surgery the first year. The second year the insurance will cover everything other than broken bones, and orthopedic surgery. The third year finally covers everything. Medication is covered as well for anything needed for diagnoses, and it is provided toyou during your visit. Prescriptions are not covered if you buy it at any other pharmacy.  Any pre-existing condition that is not reported and later found to exist causes cancellagion of all coverage.  If you do have a pre-existing condition, it’s mandatory you discuss it with a doctor at IMSS to see if it would be covered later, or if it will affect your coverage as a whole.


A Medical Clinic

Medical healthcare in Mexico is unbelievably inexpensive by almost anyone’s standards.

Of course healthcare prices vary according to the region and whether you go to a private clinic or a government run facility.

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