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How about some email today from retirees who have already made the leap and moved their homes to Mexico?

I’ve tried to present varied email, different locales, different experiences – all brought to you to make your transition easier.

Again, I say, you won’t find yourself being ‘one of a kind’, When you become a retiree and live in Mexico – you’ll find many, many people who will welcome you with open arms and “show you the ropes”, once you’re there.


January 2011

“Hi Barb!

“My husband & I are now the happy owners of a condo in Mexico! I am so excited about going down & enjoying our new home away from home!

“After reading all of your informative & enticing newsletters and visiting Mexico a few times, we finally get to enjoy what you have been telling us about.  Jan B., from California”

June 2011

“Have tried to get into your website this a.m. but with no success. Could you please change my new email address on your email newsletter list to enable me to still receive your wonderful newsletters. Thank you. (Barbie:  I did put the new email address in my files.)

“Now, I have news of our move to Mexico:

“January to March this year my husband Trevor and I spent in the Lake Chapala area, checking it all out, doing a lot of homework, met up with Charlie who gave us some good information. Also managed to secure a house to rent that would be waiting for us whenever we came back which was fully furnished and equipped.

“We fell in love with the area, went back to Canada to hopefully sell up and move to Ajijic. Our intention was to be back in the area around September. Well guess what. We are back within two months and one week!!!!!!! Our condo sold in three weeks, with a month possession, what a busy time we had. We sold all our furniture, got rid of a lot of stuff (we only have 6 boxes left in storage at our son’s house) and we are now settled and enjoying life in the Ajijic area

“I guess it was all meant to be. The Good Lord was looking down on us that’s for sure. We are renting a very nice house 10 kilometers west of Ajijic in the country, up on the mountain with a magnificent view of the lake and a lovely garden. It is wonderful waking up to the sound of the birds every morning. Of course the weather is great too.

“Having read all your wonderful newsletters, you certainly gave us food for thought on moving to Mexico, and cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and all the information you put into your website.

“God Bless and thank you once again.  Sincerely, Glynis B”

June, 2011

“I am so happy to get the newsletter. My computer sites were hacked last fall and I have truly missed your letters. I have some questions that I hope you can help me with:

“I am having big problems importing my prescription drugs from Texas to Playa del Carmen. The first time I tried sending them on UPS, they were held up for 3 weeks in Mexico City before I even knew what was going on and eventually were returned to Texas.

“I have gone online to investigate about obtaining permits, I have been to the aduana at the Cancun Airport, I have now retained an attorney to help me find a way. I take 8 or 9 prescriptions for various old age maladies

“I have a doctor in Playa that will give me prescriptions and can get most filled at the Walmart or Sam’s pharmacies. However, they are expensive and in the states with Medicare and a supplemental drug policy, I get them free except at the first of each year which saves me a lot of money.

“So far, I haven’t had problems bringing them in my luggage when I fly back down from Texas. But, I can only get a 90 day supply every time. Considering the high cost of a couple of the meds, I am thinking about going to Texas every 3 months to get the refills and bringing them back with me personally. (Barbie: This is what I suggest they do, plus he should ask his doctor to change his prescription for double the dose – then, he will have a 6-month supply.)

“The attorney that I have suggested that I get my doctor to write a separate prescription for each med and provide a cost for each, which I have done last week. Soon, we will go to the aduana in Cancun airport and present the paperwork to customs to show them how much it would cost me if I don’t utilize my benefits to purchase the drugs.

“Do you have any suggestions that might help me get the drugs imported. I went to your prescriptions and permits blogs and there wasn’t any mention there for me. (Barbie – again, try for the double prescription – explain the situation to your doctor – and go back north only twice a year.)

“If you have time, I would appreciate any info or help you can give me to assist with this problem.  Sincerely,Tom C”

January 2011

“Thanks for all the information on Mexcio. Your e-book was very helpful. Thanks to it and a visit for the month of October, we are moving to Lake Chapala area at the end of February, 2011. Less than one month!!!

“ In about two weeks I will have a different e-mail address. If you want it just let me know. (And I did – Barbie) And thanks again for the good tidbits, do’s and don’ts etc.

“Our friends from British Columbia just moved as well. He was having some chest pains before he left but the BC doctors gave him a clean bill of health. When he arrived in Mexico things got worse. He ended up having triple bypass surgery in Gudalajara. It went very smoothly. They gave the BEST and quickest care they have ever seen. In a new clean modern hospital. He may not be alive if he was still living in BC. So Medical care is superb in Mexico.  All for now. Marlene”


“ We feel that the Merida area is a relatively reasonable area to live in. Housing in Merida is reasonable, the beaches are great and probably some of the cheapest in Mexico near a large city with all the conveniences.

“We have travelled a lot in the world looking for beach front property and the north coast has some of the most reasonable prices although the prices are going up as this area is getting “discovered” by Cdn’s and Americans. We love the area and we think it is very reasonable.

“I think I mentioned Taxes were $8.00 for the year for a near townhouse on the beach.  If you need any info. on this area please let me.  Lance B.”  (Barbie:  Prices went up, and then came back down, and they still are a bargain compared to the U.S. of A’s prices for homes…and actually some real bargains are available now, what with the whole world being hit with the little – what do they call it?  “Slow-down in the Economy?”  I call it a recession.)


My answer I wrote of someone who questioned the safety or wisdom of buying property in Mexico, and wondering about some of the horror stories they had heard concerning owning in Mexico – and specifically about the government taking properties back from foreigners:

“The story is true – the facts have gotten quite distorted. This happed a few years ago, on Baja, California Sur, Mexico.

“The reason: the people who “bought” their land there did not do it according to Mexican law.

“Pretty much the entire Baja (low) is and has been in the “forbidden” zone – you find the specifics on that in my book. Boils down to – you must have a Trust to legally own the land within so many k’s of the shore and the border.

“The people – yep, mostly Americans, of course, either didn’t know (why not, I’ll never understand), didn’t care (that’s just plain dumb), or thought they could get away with it … because they are Americans – well, guess what – they didn’t get away with it. I have no sympathy for them – they should have checked before buying something in a different country – anyplace!!!! So – that’s the rest of that story :) “

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