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When you head to Mazatlan, or any location in Mexico, to check things out, a fun and easy way to get info is to visit the local expat social clubs.

You’ll get opinions on everything from other expats, from banking in Mexico to hearing about the wonderful theater downtown.

Once you’re here, you’ll probably find even more organizations!  Here are some of the groups in Mazatlan to check out:

ROTARY INTERNATIONAL  You won’t have to miss your meeting if you call 69-83-90-37

LION CLUB  Located in Av. Insurgentes #1000.Phone: 69-83-28-00, 69-83-12-56

AA MEETINGS  Across the street from VIP’s and Baskin Robbins – Av. Camaron Sabalo No. 306, Golden Zone, AA meeting – Tuesday, 10 a.m. ; Tuesday, Men’s 6:30 p.m.; Saturday, beach meeting across from Hotel DeCima 10 am. Open AA meetings: Sunday 10 a.m., Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat 6:30 pm. Contact 669-118-4260

ALANON MEETINGS  Same location as AA meetings, Thurs. 10 a.m., women’s. For information call Expat at 69-13-01-32 or Expat at 69-88-05-68

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Get together

WHATSUP AMIGOS Expats and locals meet every Friday at 4 p.m.  Lots of information and friendship, at  Canucks, on Olas Atlas-pass the cliff diving area, and head toward the giant flag.

AMERICAN LEGION POST #11  All meetings are held at The Place (El Paraje) restaurant on Sabalo Ave.For more information, call Commander A. “Sam” Pelzman at 69-85-20-47;or Adjuntant Jerry Alexson at 69-16-66-03

AMIGOS DE LOS ANIMALES  The Humane Society: 69-16-71-07.

HANDS ACROSS THE BORDER  This is a group of English speaking expats in Mazatlan, they meet the 2nd Friday of each month at 9 a.m. at the Playa Mazatlan Hotel

FRIENDS OF MEXICO, and the president, Rudy Villalobos’s email: [email protected]

FRIENDS OF THE AQUARIUM  They meet sporadically. Volunteers are needed. You can call Kittie at 69-83-99-31 or Vicky at 69-16-62-10 for information

Whether you’re an expat or a native, there are seven Association’s Mexicana Automovillistica throughout Mexico. 

I had originally thought there were no auto clubs in Mexico that sort of correspond to our AAA, American Automobile Association – but I was wrong.  I have their contact phone numbers as an addition in my book Retire In Luxury.

You will find most of the meetings have a listing in the local newspaper – Pacific Pearl.

Expat Clubs article by Barbie.

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