Mazatlan Trip, Part 5

Yesterday, Tuesday, was filled with a timeshare presentation, getting up-to-date prices at grocery stores, stopping at a bank, and ending the day with a plunge into the beautiful pool at our resort.

Today should be another busy, yet fun day.

Today has been designated my picture-taking day. I very often get so wrapped up in just enjoying my travels and all the sights that I forget to take the camera out of its bag, so I tend to schedule picture taking for myself.  Dick on the other hand is very good at grabbing the camera and taking snapshots. So, this morning we have a breakfast in our room, of donuts that we bought yesterday and instant coffee and head out to photograph Mazatlan.

Down in the lobby there was a desk with people manning it to arrange for timeshare presentations right there at Pueblo Bonita Emerald Bay. We decided we would take the tour the next morning Thursday, and agreed upon $100 cash.

We drove through areas of new housing construction which is so different from construction in the United States, that very soon I am much more wrapped up in the construction process than photography, so Dick clicks away.

Today I wanted to also visit the main marketplace which we usually have a hard time locating, but thanks to Dick’s logic and persistence we finally find the spot I want to photograph and park the car.fresh beef in Mazatlan Mercado

Dick and I strolled through the booths filled with souvenirs dresses, shirts, caps, purses, flowers, fruits, jewelry, statuary, vegetables, homemade items, and as it got cooler and cooler we knew we were getting closer to the butchers, and the meats… beef and pork… every cut imaginable. A friend later told us that he buys all of his meat from his favorite butcher in that market. Thank goodness Dick remembered to take pictures :-)

We decide to have a late breakfast

— desayuno — at VIPs, sort of a Mexican Denny’s. For a total of $15 US we had a beautiful meal including huge fresh glasses of orange juice, coffee, and the tip.Dick in VIP's

After a leisurely breakfast, we decide to go to El Cid Marina just to take a look around, bring back old memories, and take a couple pictures of course.

Today we contacted our friends Bob and Lee, a friend who had moved to Mazatlan from Holland, and scheduled a couple of “get-togethers” while we were in Mazatlan.

Dick and I had hoped to drive to Concordia,

a little town within easy driving distance of Mazatlan, today.  but after talking with Bob S. in the morning, he suggested it may not be wise to do, as there were rain warnings in the mountains near us and the trip should not be made during the monsoon season. The story he told us is as follows: A couple had decided to go to Concorde, even though rainstorms were in the forecast in the mountains near Mazatlan. There are two rivers you have to cross in order to get to Concordia. The couple made it safely across one river and then the next river and had a lovely time in Concordia. With their souvenirs safely tucked back in the car they headed back towards Mazatlan and their resort. They had no trouble making it across the first bridge although they did notice the water was raising. However by the time they got to the second bridge it was completely underwater. They decided the simplest thing would be to go back to Concordia and wait it out. But by the time they got to the first bridge that was underwater too. Now they were stranded between two raging torrents…and they were not the only ones.  Well, since this is Mexico, everyone who was on the road and in the same situation simply pulled their cars over, made fires, got out what food they had, got out their guitars and had a party, slept in their cars, and by the next morning the water was down far enough for easy transport across the bridges…in both directions. Now that may sound like fun but, not the fun we were looking for on this day, so we wisely decided to stay within the Mazatlan area for the day and make our trip on a day when the weather conditions were more conducive to traveling in Mexico.and then the sea is still and the sky is blue

We decided just to drive around town,

taking pictures, me taking notes. I got beautiful pictures of the three islands — Bird, Wolf and Deer today, and then decided to drive to Pueblo Bonita Mazatlan again, just to revive and relive memories. We were also hoping to be there in time for Cilantro’s happy hour. We pulled into the resort, parked our car, walked to the back, past the beautiful swimming pool areas toward the beach and Cilantros. But happy hour had ended at five o’clock – how had the day passed so quickly? While we were at Pueblo Bonita Mazatlan, we ran into Steve, Robin and another couple we had gotten acquainted with at Kelly’s bar and visited with them again for a while. We finally say “adios” and head back to our room at Pueblo Bonita Emerald Bay.

After watching the gorgeous sunset, (darn, no green blip for me – as usual) we head out to the pool for a refreshing dip before we retire for the night. We do have a timeshare presentation right here at PBEB in the morning so we need our rest.

Watch for my email announcing Page 6 of our adventures.


An email from an Expat:

“My wife and I retired to Ajijic, Mexico four years ago. Glad we did, can t imagine living back in the U.S. We enjoy the cultural differences. We think that they make life more interesting and different. If we can help with anything from our village let us know. Adios, Buena Suerte with the new site.  Bob”

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3 Responses to Mazatlan Trip, Part 5

  1. Enjoying It All

    July 2, 2012 at 11:53 am

    I was wondering Barb, from your post, when are the monsoon seasons down there? Do they occur often and where? Everywhere or spcific areas?

    Like your stories.
    Thanks for taking the time.

  2. Barbie


    July 8, 2012 at 9:18 pm

    Hi, In the Mazatlan area, rains come usually July through September. The good part of it is that usually, and I repeat – usually, the rain comes in the early morning and in the evening. The season is pretty much the same for all the coastal areas. Where you have tropical climate, the rain forest type areas, of course, get rain a lot more.

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    Finally seems like I actuallystumbled upon a blog site really worth checking out.
    Thanks for your effort, Rubye

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