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Hi!  So, how are you doing with your Spanish?  Learning some, little by little I hope?  But, remember you don’t need to worry too much if you don’t know much because so many people in Mexico know enough English that you will not feel completely lost.  But, also, knowing just a few words will give you a power you won’t believe.  So, here are a few to try to learn.

First, the sounds explained

In general :

Most consonants are pronounced as ours are – other than:

H at the beginning of a word is silent.

G at the beginning of a word is an h.

J at the beginning of a word is usually h.


A in the word is usually ah.

E in the word is usually ay

I in the word is usually ee

a double L in the word is ee ah

E at the end of a word – ay

A at the end – ah

Double vowels as ie:

just remember siesta- think everyone knows that one.

This is a small list of everyday words you will want to try to learn:

Please, print this off and take it with you when you cross the border.

tip –propina

air conditioning – aire acondicionado

automobile crash – una collision

bank – banco

bathroom – bano

bill (check) – la cuenta

blanket – las mantas

breakfast – desayuno

dinner – cenar

dog – perro

don’t understand – no entiendo

where – donde

excuse me – perdon

good – bien or muy bien

good day (as have a good day) – Buenos Dias

goodbye – hasta luego

hello, hi – hola (pronounced – oh la)

home – casa

hot – calor

how much? cuanto es?

key – la llave

kitten – gatito

lane – carril

left (directional) – izquierda

lunch – almorzar or comer

manager – el director

my name is – i nombre es

no – no

no-lead – sin plomo

not important – no importa

oil – el aceite

pillow – la almohada

please – por favor

how’s it going (as a greeting) – que pasa

rain – lluvia

receipt – la factura

restaurant – el restaurante

right (directional) – derecha

road – carretera

room – una habitacion

siesta – nap, sleep, rest

slowly (as in speaking) despacio

soap – el jabon

sorry – lo siento

sorry, my mistake – lo siento, es culpa mia

street – calle

sun – el sol

thank you – gracias

the temperature – la temperature

time – hora

toilet paper – el papel higienico

tomorrow – manana

what (as in what time) – que (pronounced kay)

with (including) – con

without – sin

yes – si

you’re welcome – de nada

used 2010 progresoGetting a little battery-powered English to Spanish gadget will help too – and there are surely a couple of free or cheap aps for your Ipod or Ipad.

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