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A couple of personal email I have received…

TO: Barb

 – “Barb, yes you can live well for 2k a month. It is the initial shock of insurance and setting up cable, phone, food, rent, deposits, etc. It is nothing to spend 100 a day but now our rent, cable, Internet and more is paid thru Jan so we can get back to a stable budget.”

Hi Barbie

– “Just read the article about from Jim L. who lived in Ajijic and is moving back to the states.

“He indicated that he found it “difficult to swallow some of the budget numbers that you reported on retiring in Mexico and that it would be be hard to live in Mexico on $1000.00 per month”.

“Firstly, we have been to Ajijic and it is one of the more expensive “Gringo” areas to live in.

“We purchased a new 3 bed 3 bath townhouse on the beach in Telchac Puerto on the north coast of the Yucatan near Merida and Progreso. We paid $150,000. I just paid our taxes and they were $8.00, yes 8 dollars for the year. We have municipal water and electricity, we have not received a water bill yet, although we have requested it several times. Our electricity bill is about $40.00 per month, we use propane for hot water and cooking and it is about $35.00 per month.

“We have American friends who live in Telchac year round and I am sure their monthly expenses are far less than $1,000 per month and they live very well and are directly on the beach.

“We also just purchased a beautiful lot on the beach 48X208 ft. loaded with coconut trees with municipal services and paid $63,000 U.S.

“We just love Mexico, the people, the culture, the cost of living and would definitely recommend it.

“We go into Merida a lot and it has everything a large U.S. or Cdn. city would have plus more.

“Tell your readers there are great deals and very low cost of living in Mexico, maybe not in Ajijic, but also Mexico is much bigger than that Gringo area.

“We are Cdns. – retired and living the good life in Mexico. C. & L. B”

To: Barbara

 – “The national telephone company in Mexico is TELMEX. AT&T and MCI are coming but they are somewhere in the distance. TELMEX essentially remains a monopoly. That’s a clue to service and cost.

“Here is some elementary advice: Rent or buy with a telephone already installed. It costs money and sometimes it takes time to get a new phone line.

Dick's Camera 2011 cruise 182”Now, to answer your questions: local phone service is something like 159 pesos per month for 100 outgoing calls, untimed. Long distance within the state of Jalisco (Barbara’s note: that’s where Guadalajara is) is 2.26 pesos per minute. Take out a loan for long distance from Mexico to the U.S. or Canada – unless you use a callback service…”

…and that’s why I suggest using the computer for communication instead of a phone, whenever possible.

The daily English-language newspaper In Mexico City
is generally available throughout Mexico.
To: Barbara

_”Hola amiga: If you’re planning to drive, I might suggest that you enter Mexico at Nogales, Arizona. It’s a longer drive from Louisiana but you’ll be doing it on US Interstate Highways and not the “Maxipistas” of Mexico.

“In addition, you won’t encounter the “Devil’s Backbone”, that stretch of two lane road from Durango to Mazatlan which is the ultimate mountain road adventure.

“I made the mistake of using the route from Laredo, Texas to Mazatlan on my initial trip and swore, “Never again”. At times I thought I spotted my own tail lights!!! And if you have ever seen a Mexican 18-wheeler flip over right in front of you or a rock slide down a 14,000 ft. mountain in the Sierra Madres you’ll know what I mean.”

But, now, the Mexican Government is building a wonderful highway that should cut the traveling time between Durango and Mazatlan in half.

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