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I’ve gone through my inbox, reading emails from readers.  You will probably find these of interest:


HI Barbie, Thanks for your helpful newsletter. My wife and I have moved to Guadalajara, and just rented a furnished apartment in the city for under $500.00 a month. We are satisfied with our arrangement so far. John


Our experience of living in Guadalajara was as follows:
A very modest 2 bdrm, 1 bath apt.  (600 sq ft approx, if that)  $525/mo
Water (drinking)  18 pesos/garafon  14
Lights  18
Telephone  24
Groceries – about the same as in the US     300  mas o meno
– we shopped at WalMart and Costco a lot
Gasoline (we walked a lot when possible)   60
Car Insurance    ($250 1 yr)  21
Maid (once a week at $7)  28
For a total of  $990
So it can be done on $1000 a month.  But I wouldn’t want to.

Now I know we didn’t live on just that much…

We also had expenses at home that had to be taken care of.  We did eat out frequently.  The taco stand on our corner was to die for and VERY popular with the locals. We made lots of Mexican friends.

We don’t drink or smoke and our parties tended to be with church friends or my DAR friends, and frequently had a night out with some American friends and played cards or other games.  That was in 2001-2002.

I remember commenting to my husband one evening as I was standing at the sink washing dishes.  I said, “This is actually fun.  I can’t believe I’m saying this.”  He laughed.  Today we are 69 and 74 yrs old, respectively and live a busy life here.

I have been checking out Mazatlán on the internet and I have to eat my words.

Yes, they say it is hot and humid in the summer but not as bad as Miami or some other eastern places.

My daughter lives in the hurricane zone of Morehead City, NC.  She says she still isn’t used to the hot humidity.

 I know you have talked about how wonderful it is and we plan to visit there soon, time permitting, and check things out.

One of the things I was looking at was the Melville assisted living.  I couldn’t believe it.  $1200 for a 2 bedroom!!!  A friend and I have been checking out assisted living places here for a friend and a studio was $2500/mo.  If I ever have to go into assisted living I think that would be a great place to go.  I could even afford it, wow!

2007-11-1  Pelicans in water Cabo 2

So, tho’ this was a few years ago, and we’ve all gotten just a tad bit older, and prices have gone up – in Mexico as well as in the States, my message is – even tho’ prices have raised, you can still live a lot cheaper in Mexico – it just takes some checking around and determination.

P.S.  The Melville, in Mazatlan, is now a lovely Boutique Hotel.

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