Mexico Is A Great Possibility

In my many articles on this site, I have introduced you to many of the pros and cons of retiring to beautiful, sunny Mexico.

You have been led through the process of actually preparing for retirement. You have learned about many of the necessities for living well and how you can get them for less. I have covered utilities, insurance, groceries, dentistry and why, according to the latest statistics, over a million North Americans are living and experiencing the rewards of retiring to Mexico right now.

Making the move to Mexico is a personal decision that each of us has to make for themselves. Yes, it’s going to be different. Yes, you’ll save money on basic everyday things. Yes, there’s a different sense of culture and etiquette. You will find that the people of Mexico show an almost chivalric courtesy towards their fellow man and woman, steeped in generations of tradition. For many people from North America, it’s almost like going back in time to a place where gentlemen still automatically open doors for ladies and give up their seat to a stranger with no thought.

Money Saving Mexico

has focused on Mexico as a retirement destination, a place for retiring seniors, but, also for younger people to enjoy a better standard of living for less than they are paying now. You can, on this site, gain knowledge that everyone, not only retirees, should have under their belt before visiting Mexico.

You do not have to live in Mexico…

…to benefit from Mexico! Do you remember reading about “Nancy”, in desperate need of an extraordinary amount of dental work? She was willing to drive half way across the country to avail herself of the savings she could realize by just heading into Mexico and having everything taken care of by professionals there. The cost of Nancy’s travel, her stay to get the dental work completed and her expenses she did encounter still ended up costing her less than half of what she would have faced in the States. Just like Dick and me, Nancy had no dental insurance. This is certainly not meant to judge U.S. dentists. They have their own issues to deal with, including the increasing price of malpractice insurance, expensive office leases, and keeping large staffs employed. But, if faced with Nancy’s situation, and the options presented, what would you choose to do? Take out a loan, maybe even get a 2nd mortgage and get the work done at home?

Nancy and her daughter planned a vacation to Mexico! They accomplished everything that needed to be done, did some shopping, and enjoyed themselves, then went back home with a great experience plus money in their pockets.

Nancy’s story isn’t as rare as you might imagine. For some, affordable health insurance simply is no longer a possibility. You may be uninsurable for any number of reasons which are not your fault. Or, the cost of insurance is so high that it is – well – unattainable.

And so, I simply present you with options.

But, while you’re in Mexico, check out the optical supplies, and your prescription needs. You’ll probably be amazed. Saving money on medical needs is just the tip of the iceburg. But, you, and you alone, can decide if Mexico is the right choice for you.

Addition Feb 3, 2013 – the amount you need to move to Mexico has changed – see –

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