Time Marches On – To a mighty fast beat!

Tax season, and every season for that matter, seems to hurdle towards us even faster with each passing year!

At this writing, I actually have less than two weeks to get our tax report to the government. For the past several years, I’ve taken our little pile of financial information, our 1099’s, etc., to the AARP Tax Preparation site. It’s a wonderful thing… volunteers give of their time… and they are mostly retired CPA’s… to make sure retiree’s and other’s taxes are filed properly and with great ease!

I do have to say that the process requires gathering up the year’s important papers because just like any computer, junk in, junk out. So, I do make sure I have all of our information in a little file marked “Taxes, 2012”.

Sure, there is usually a good sized line waiting. But, again, in retirement we tend to have more time than money. So the time spent waiting, at least for me, is usually a pleasant lagniappe (a little something extra) meeting people I would never have met before and chatting – about nothing important – just passing the time of day until our turns come up to head into a room and start the process. My waiting time has varied from 45 minutes to 2 hours. And at the end of the time, your taxes are filed electronically and signed by one AARP volunteers. And, out the door we go, file the copy of the year’s taxes in hand, and then wait until next year, when we’ll go through the same process again.   You may want to consider it next tax season.

The past season has been a calm one.

Nothing very exciting has happened, thank goodness. So Dick and I are learning to take one day at a time… and we are glad that our health, for our age, is pretty good – thank goodness. But, even our little Griffy enjoys a few more naps through the day. He is laying here beside me right now, snoring up a storm!

inside dentistThe picture is from one of our trips to Algodones. These are other retirees who had decided to get their dental work done in Mexico too. They were not “first-timers”, and like Dick and I do, they made a little vacation out of the trip.

We have more and more friends and acquaintances heading to smaller homes.

After years of needing homes that fit a family, the couples and singles we know are looking forward to finding homes that fit their needs today – ones that are easier to take care of and are usually even easier on the budget. Many friends who have become widows or widowers have made the move of downsizing to homes where they can afford to pay to have the needed upkeep taken care of. That, I think is the most difficult thing facing all of us – the loss of our partner – and the realization that one person doesn’t really need much space, and truly can’t take care of their home the way they once did. Thank goodness for honest, home-workers.

Our next door neighbors are moving back to Ohio, where family is, in just a week. Hubby has succumbed to Alzheimer’s and Betty is looking forward to having the help and companionship of family members. The weather is something she is not looking forward to, but she will, in no time, become accustomed to it. So, we will welcome new neighbors very shortly. We’ll miss Betty, but enjoy the new blood that will be moving in!

Do you remember the news shorts of times gone by? “Time Marches On” blared across the screen! Little did we know, sitting in the cool darkness of the theatre that we were being given a little important phrase that would rule our lives. Yes, time does march on, so, get up and keep marching to the beat!

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2 Responses to Time Marches On – To a mighty fast beat!

  1. Eddie Flores

    May 7, 2013 at 3:12 am

    We have been enjoying your site for years. Our beach home is complete for all practical purposes. We are adding our personal touch to it. We bought on the beach in the Yucatan about 40 km east of Progreso. It is still amazing to me, just as you have explained, how affordable it is to build and right now to buy. We keep finding deals on beach homes the more time we spend in Mexico. We cannot thank you enough for all of the valuable information. We spend as much time in Mexico as possible. Probably by the end of the year we will be down a few months at a time instead of the few weeks trips and we are certainly looking forward to it.
    Thanks again,
    Eddie Flores

  2. thomas myers

    May 7, 2013 at 4:51 pm

    It sure does. Morning coffee,and it seems like dinner time is there, no time at all.

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