What to do – where to go?

In one respect, we were very lucky, in that we have lived in several different areas during our 50+ year marriage. That basically meant that we had no really strong ties to any one area. At the time of our retirement, we had relatives in Ohio and one son in Boston, one son in the New Orleans area, and one in Prague, Czech Republic, and our two grandchildren, in Arizona.

We have friends scattered throughout the states, mainly due to Dick’s profession – the chamber of commerce. We’ve had lots of new experiences and enjoyed and learned from, every different location that we’ve been fortunate enough to live.

Our sons are grown and on their own. We are responsible only to ourselves now. We loved the place we were living at retirement, New Orleans, but the cost of living there is relatively high.

So the first thing that came to mind was – check out the cost of living in areas we might find interesting.


All I can say is – thank goodness for computers and the Internet. I’ve enjoyed researching things for years – guess it started when our sons were in school – I remember typing (as I’m sure most of you do), late into the night, getting those reports finished up for them.

another iguana -see the tail hanging on rightWith the advent of CPU’s – Wow – Every bit of information at your fingertips – more than you could ever really read through or want to know. So – just how to find the specific info – the important info for you – that’s the trick! And how many hours or years do you need to sit in front of your computer and work on those searches?

Hundreds of questions came tumbling down on our heads…


We had been less worried about these things when checking more distant countries when we had first started talking about retirement to a foreign land, for some reason. But, of course, lots of Americans have already retired to Mexico – surely we were no less adventurous than they. (The picture shows an iguana on the palm tree – head up, right hand and tail jutting off right side of the tree.)

So back to the computer for more info we go, hoping to find the information we need, about….


The water,

The crime rates,

The language,

The Social Security we could collect in the U.S.,

Can we take our pet?,

Can we get health insurance there?,

What about our car, can we take it across the border safely?,

Auto insurance – what about that?,

Is the cost of living really good?,

How can we keep in touch with the family and friends in the U.S.?,

Just what do we need to do to move there?,

Do we need passports?,

And…What’s a Peso, anyway?…

Now, thanks to a reliable computer, thousands of hours of research, and then putting all that researched info into a form that others can use, and questions you have about Mexico is here at your fingertips, on my site, Retire In Luxury. Thanks for visiting, and enjoy!

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