Working in Mexico

Retirees Working in Mexico

Many of you have questioned me about working in Mexico after retirement…

The Mexican Government feels no responsibility to see that foreigners who move to their country are “taken care” of. I personally have no problem with that. And, you, as a retiree, must prove a specific income before you are permitted to live in Mexico.

So saying…though Mexico is a terrific place to live, it’s not really a great place to plan to work in.

About the only good-paying job, for the most part in Mexico for gringos, is in the timeshare sales area. If you are a good salesman, then you can probably make decent money selling timeshares. And if you have a computer business that can be run over the net, then you may be able to make a good living.  Other than that, the employment outlook is pretty bleak for gringos…as well as for Mexican nationals. Remember, the average daily wage is still under $5.

Tijuana, MexicoIf you’re thinking of starting a business of your own… well, we personally know of one real go-getter who just knew he could work the system in Mexico and make money – he finally gave up pursuing his quest after a year of work and frustration. He finally headed back to the states and started a business there. Of course, it can be done in Mexico, and there are a few success stories, but…well, good luck to you.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to have to rely on the idea of making enough money to retire on while living in Mexico, though you may be able make a couple of extra dollars just to help things go easier in retirement.  So, get busy saving for your retirement, or if you are almost there, continue saving those pennies and making them count – you will enjoy your retirement if you are truly ready for it – financially and psychologically.

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2 Responses to Working in Mexico

  1. Randy

    June 10, 2013 at 7:29 am

    Just 2 comments.

    I have been working in Mexico for 2 years as a part time supervisor for an architect and construction firm. I was able to get my working papers very easily. I work 2 hours daily 5 days a week and earn $350US per week plus my gas and cell expense.

    True the Federal minimum daily wage is about $5.00US (depending on where one lives) but almost no one works for that. I pay a “peon” or laborer with minimum skills about $20 per day with paid holidays. My maid earns works for 11 different clients and she earns about $30 a day

  2. Barbie


    June 12, 2013 at 1:12 pm

    Thanks for the info Randy! Barbie

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